Don’t Be Fooled. Here’s What You Need To Know About Thermal Relaxing Your Hair
WEN Cleansing Conditioner Is Causing People’s Hair To Fall Out
Yasss! The Quality, Affordable Makeup Brush Set You’ve Been Looking For
The Face Shop Modeling And Tightening Sheet Mask: Face Yoga For Your Jawline
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Even though this press looks bomb, our current feelings on thermal relaxing natural hair (or any texture for that matter), is a big fat no for one main reason. Say it with us kids: heat damage.

We don’t often see Tia in print but when we do, she always serves up a nice surprise. Now that we can officially tell her and her sister apart (it only took watching every episode of Sister Sister and their reruns a gazillion times), it’s exciting to watch Tia and her sister grow and evolve as women. READ MORE

This cream works to relive that winter and dry air tightness we've all experienced. It also calms flakiness, especially around your mouth and nose with emollients that make your face feel soft and smooth.

There’s no time like the present to finally own a full matching, quality set of makeup brushes. But we realize, price dilemma. We’ve all been there, pinning and cyber shopping brush options only to chicken out right before we hit the purchase button. One brush for $16 or so we can justify. Maybe even that amazing foundation brush that’s a little more than double that, but a whole set of brushes that will put us back a pair of shoes, a weeks worth of Starbucks and maybe having to skip paying the light bill for a month? Um no, and our TV financial evangelist, Suze Orman, would not approve of such financial foolishness. Balling on a budget is always a good idea until one can afford a splurge which is why you’ll be happy to know that this Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set–the entire set, the whole kit and kaboodle–costs only…drum roll please. READ MORE

A class action lawsuit has been filed alleging that WEN Cleansing Conditioner not only causes hair loss but that even after discontinuing use of it, your hair continues to fall out. Can we say this is about to be a fall out in hair care if their ever was one? (Pun seriously intended)

Despite the fact that we were just at the beach this past weekend (we know…but you were there with us in spirit), we realize that many of you are currently walking around with potatoes in y our pockets and three layers of silk long johns. It’s cold and that midwest and east coast snow just won’t let up even though spring officially starts in 10 days. Since we have to deal with mother nature until she’s through with us, the best thing we can do is make the best of the situation. Over here we’re wearing Havaianas and tank tops but that’s not stopping us from thinking of ways to help our sisters keep their hair on fleek and ears warm. Look no further than the winter scarf head wrap (or The Sweater Head Wrap if you want to take it up a notch). READ MORE

If you’ve been on the fence about trying nail art, maybe you’ll want to start rethinking that and work on stepping up your manicure game after hearing us out. Nail art has come a long way even in the last few years. It has been remixed and long gone are the days of gaudy, over-the-top nails that are not only impractical but super high maintenance. Coupled with gel coats that last for two weeks, nail art has been redefined. Anyone can appreciate a beautiful, glossy and classic Lincoln Park After Dark or Ballet Slippers set of nails, there is no denying that. But allow us, or at least Hannah, to persuade you to step outside of the box if only for one of your next nail appointments. READ MORE

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