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Death To Sulfates, Or Nah?
Natural Hair Care
Are sulfates really that bad for you? We did some research. Here is what we found.
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Afro Punk
Toccara Goes African Tribal Inspired And Modern Retro
Found: Your Perfect Cleansing Oil
Skin Care
We've tracked down some of the best face cleansing oils for all skin types and budgets.
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Do you believe in #BlackGirlMagic? We do. In a world that’s bleak and colorless we are often the unicorns that make life bright and hopeful. We start the trend, the others just follow us. Sprinkle a little fairy dust on things and make that ish magic! We are the ones that can rock bantu knots like nobody’s business. In case anyone is confused, these are not twisted “mini buns.” That’s right bantu knots. Get it right! Ok, I digress. This isn’t about the natural hair it’s about the beauty. READ MORE

We know she’s not performing at Afro Punk this year, but Janelle Monáe and her Wonderland Records labelmates are touring across the U.S. for their Eephus tour. While on the road, Monáe and the Wondaland crew have also been leading Black Lives Matter rallies in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. This week alone they’ll be hitting the west coast with shows in Los Angeles and San Fran. (Fingers crossed we get the invite for the secret show here in Los Angeles.) In her new 6 1/2-minute protest song, “Hell You Talmbout”, Ms. Monae and crew sing out the names of black folks who’ve lost lost their lives due to injustice and police brutality. It’s a battle cry that’ll ignite and keep your black girl power flame burning. Janelle lights a fire within us, so, Janelle, we dedicate this look to you. READ MORE

It’s almost time for Afro Punk–the time of the year where all of the cool black kids and cool friends of cool black kids get dressed up in their best street wear to go stroll and cruise the streets of Brooklyn (being sure to walk in slow motion so that everyone can see), gorge themselves on calorie-heavy, envy-inducing food from fancy food trucks and out of towners pretend to have Brooklyn-accents just for the weekend (because who does not love a Brooklyn accent?) READ MORE

The removeable tattoo collection is an eclectic mix of lyrical, honeycomb and signature beehive-inspired designs in an array of black and gold colors.

Remember when you were in college getting ready for a night out? Or maybe it was high school. Ice Cube’s “We Be Clubbin’” was playing in the background as you and your bestie tried on tube tops and crop baby doll tops in front of the mirror. As if you were going to leave the house in anything else. I remember this fondly. I didn’t have my navel pierced like my BFF, but I still wanted my belly sparkling like a Treasure Troll. I was living up to my millennial duties through and through. Platforms, cropped tops and sparkle. I wanted my abs to shine when those strobe lights hit my body, so I slathered on my Victoria’s Secret Strawberries & Champagne shimmery oil straight from stash of apocalyptic semi annual sale hoarding. The same scent that now gives me pause but back then made me feel like I was all that and then some. Don’t act like you don’t know. READ MORE

Imagine you’re in Barbados partying alongside Rihanna for Carnival. You’re decked out in all the festival regalia. You’ve got your jeweled bustier and your elaborate headdress. Your makeup is apropos and elegantly on fleek. Now take away all the fanfare and the feathers. The music and the dancing. What’s left? That amazing face. READ MORE

Cleansing oils are everywhere. Thank’s to the beauty industry catching on to the coconut-based oil cleansing method as well as the hype and proven results of oil cleaning and clearing up skin, oil cleansers have now been introduced into the American beauty market as facial essentials. From Japanese inspired brand formulations to British beauty brands and American labels there are now beauty cleansing oils for everyone no matter their skin type or budget. READ MORE

We're deep into our obsession with kale (Beyoncé included), but kale is not as healthy as we all thought it was. In fact, it can actually make your hair fall out. #ForShame

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