This Is How Purple Shampoo Actually Works On Blonde And Grey Hair
8 Ways You’re Unknowingly Ruining Your Color Job And How To Stop
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“I started sewing when I was probably 12. My aunt is a seamstress, she does bridal gowns. I was completely taken over by it and I would sit in there and I would watch her. Eventually I got my own machine and I started making all of my own clothes which was a trial and error kind of thing and it really wasn’t until my late 20’s that I decided that I was going to try to take it serious. I couldn’t afford Prada so I’d look at it and make my own Prada. I continued my road in sewing when I realized how many other young women found sewing interesting but they thought it was like an old person’s thing to do or crafty. So I took what I was doing and turned it into something fashionable, something that everyone could learn to do, and that is my main goal – teaching. I love to teach. READ MORE

There are so many variables that can go wrong during this process that we strongly advise going at it alone. But if you insist, here are our expert colorist's commandments for how to bleach your hair at home.
Many people with blonde hair mistakenly think that purple shampoo and conditioner will make their hair blonder but this is a common misconception. Purple shampoo actually works like this...

One of the fastest ways to blow a stack of money is to invest in getting your hair colored at the salon only go to home and ruin it a few weeks or even days later. Yes, that can actually happen if you’re not careful. Despite what you may have heard, it’s pretty easy to ruin your color-treated hair. All you have to do is wash too soon and too often and become besties with the sun among a few other things to ruin your hair color and there is no bottle of product that can undo the damage once it’s done. To help you avoid throwing away your money, here are some easy tips for how to make your hair color last longer and keep your color vibrant. READ MORE

When it comes to preserving your hair color, there are a few really good brands to go above and beyond just moisturizing your hair and help to make your hair vibrant. Because if it ain't bright, it ain't right. We're #JustSaying
Instead of holding on to jeans that just don't cut it anymore you should give them away. Of course you could drop them off at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill but you an also recycle them and get money back for being kind to the environment.
There are a plethora of home color brands to choose from but only a handful that we think are the best of the best. Here are the best home hair color brands we found work the best on all hair types while still leaving the hair soft and supple.

Being able to connect with Whitney was much more enjoyable than I’d even imagined. I was looking forward to delving a little deeper into her life as a mother, wife and business woman and as I anticipated, during our conversation, her spirit unfolded over the hours revealing a woman who is authentically sincere and kind. I meet lots of amazing women, who in their own right inspire me as well, but the wisdom, humor, humility and unabashed candor and poise that she embodies all at once delivered a refreshing melange. I agree that Whitney is the same person as “Naptural” is online as she liked to point out, but there is something more there, possibly something even she does not see. I think it was those moments of being able to feel her ‘it’ that made me proud to spend time and share space with a woman who also feverishly seeks out seeing the ‘it’ in other women too. READ MORE

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