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a day with christin and riley

by Autumn


Mother and daughter duo, Christin and Riley are a match made in heaven. Both lovers of the camera; mom is a professional photographer and the keen eye behind her brand Christin McQueen Photography and daughter is the beautiful muse and part time clothing model, they share a love of each other and their natural hair. Recently two years old, Riley is in in full-on troublemaker mode while mom is learning to handle her tantrums and her hair.

We caught Christin and Riley at their home to get a glimpse inside their lives and to see how they'd spend the day together. There were Louboutins, bows and mini cowboy boots and over-sized flowers everywhere. "Oh I usually never let her comb my hair!" Christin exclaims. "She'll try to put the paddle brush in my head and turn it around! She loves her hair too though." Christin's raspy voice pulls you in and you instantly wonder if she can sing. Riley, in much more of a "No!" mood these days, giggles and often repeats exactly what her mother says. Perhaps she's admiring her out of those little dark eyes because she sees a reflection of herself and her hair just as she is. It's something to be admired when you watch them together, their chemistry and love for each other genuinely pouring from their smiles and kisses.

Your photography is beautiful. How long have you been shooting?
I do photography full time. My dad is a photographer, but I was never interested in it. When I had Riley, I couldn’t go back to work because she was just...a total handful. So, I had to figure out something I could do. I'd actually love to just photograph children.

Riley is so cute! Tell us a little bit about her.
She just turned two, but her party is in July because her mommy is so busy. I just really didn’t think about what day I was gonna do it until it started creeping up. Then I was like oops! So, the next available day I had was in July. My baby can’t even have a party when she needs to!

Besides being a toddler, what else does Riley do?
She’s my little trouble maker. I do think that the day she turned two, it got worse. I was like, "Wait a minute, is this really how it goes?!" She already has a little job. She models for a little boutique called Sweet & Dainty, and her picture has been featured a few times on blogs. She loves to paint her nails. She also loves playing with her brother and riding her tricycle.

How long have you been natural and how did your husband feel about your transition?
I just did my big chop in April. It’s growing really fast. My husband wasn’t like, "Let me cut it", but he was on board. He has locs and he’s good with my hair no matter what I do with it. If he likes something he always says, "That’s thowed!" That’s some southwest Houston slang! And my son is growing his hair out as well. But I don’t really know the direction we’re going with it yet. I really just want it to be...big.

What is your hair type and texture? How do you wear it?
I have 4d, 4e hair! I have two different textures. Whatever it is that I have at the top, my 4d hair, and in the back it’s really straight. I love to do twist outs. These curls are tight, tight, tight, tight! I’ve never seen anything like it! I think I just try everything that looks cool but never really get it right. Oh, and not only that, I put like 5 different products in it to style it!

What is Riley’s hair type? How do you style it?
Her hair is kind of the same way...and if she gets a twist out it’s the bomb. She has three different textures. The front has no curl pattern, in the back it’s like wool, and at her nape it is very fine and straight. If I were to pluck out a strand, it would be going every which-a-way!

If possible, I will buy accessories for her that are handmade. If I’m in a rush, I’ll put something together from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, like a bow and headband and stick them together.

How often do you wash her hair? And since she's still so small, how do you keep her sitting and patient?
If her hair is in braids, I'll keep them in for about two weeks. If not then I'll wash and style it every three to four days. I usually do her hair when she's sleeping. She falls asleep after a bath. If she's awake she watches a cartoon called Phineas and Ferb and will sit still. That's the only cartoon that she'll sit still for.


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  • Tiffany

    I absolutely love your work!

  • hawk

    I’ve seen this little beauty on so many blogs! Mother and daughter are soo cute, I can’t wait to have a little girl!lol

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  • Dorcia Parham

    KISFORKINKY! We must come to realize that natural hair is good hair, as long as it is clean and styled. Straight hair is “not” what many are born with. Come to embrace your own natural hair … no matter what the texture. I keep my hair natural and would have it no other way. It’s what my Creator gave to me and I’m fine with it. I also have come to “not” like the feel of straightened or processed hair … it’s just not for me. I have learned to appreciate what I have and not what others “think” is the way to go with my natural hair. Kudos for KISFOR-KINKY.

  • For Black Women Only

    You have no idea how beautiful this is. Sisters everywhere need to see this!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!

  • http://www.kHempHree Shazz

    I really enjoyed this interview and give kudos to Christ for being the best Glam Rold Model for Ms. Riley…. kNatural was never an ‘N” word. We need to teach our children to EMBRACE… LOVE… ADORE… PROTECT… PRESERVE… RESTORE…RESPECT and KNOW THEIR “GOOD HAIR”

    • http://www.kHempHree Shazz

      Please allow me to correct the typos: I really enjoyed this interview and give kudos to Christi for being the best Glam Role Model for Ms. Riley…. “Knatural” was never an ‘N” word. We need to teach our children to EMBRACE… LOVE… ADORE… PROTECT… PRESERVE… RESTORE…RESPECT and KNOW THEIR “GOOD HAIR”

  • Quiana

    Love this feature and lil Riley reminds me of my lil Nia who’s about to turn 2! What great mommy and me hair and a wonderful inspiration for when I attempt to go natural again in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  • prettyparticular

    I love this article. Mom and daughter are both beautiful. Riley as awesome style!

  • Ann Noire

    Visually, this is so beautiful.

  • elleroc

    I really enjoyed this article! Both mom and daughter are absolutely beautiful! It gives me a good picture of what my future could look like. So inspiring!

  • Chrissie Johnson

    I love your piece Autumn!!!!! She is very pretty little girl… Love her complextion.. Awesome writing!!

  • keisha

    i so enjoyed reading this story! Riley is adorable!

  • Karen Smith

    Great job Christin and Riley!!! You both look absolutely beautiful! Natural girls ROCK!

  • Joyce P.

    If this isn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! So glad to see a mother and daughter so happy and natural together. She is doing a great thing for that little girl, believe it!

  • hehe

    OMG that baby is so cute!!!!

  • Sasha-Shae

    Absolutely LOVE this!! Just awesome, and I love that it’s both of them and that she is teaching her daughter from very young to embrace the kinks and curls.


  • Beauty Is Diverse

    So this is the little beauty that I see on facebook all the time. She is lovely.

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