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A Surprising Frizz Fighting Combination

by Angel

for half of my summer, i was on the road. plans, train and airplanes. all airplanes and rental cars actually. in my packing haste – because i always pack one week before (said no one ever) – i found myself throwing hair products into my suitcase a few hours before my flight. now, i know better than this, but for some reason, packing the night before or really, early morning, say 3 a.m. or so, seems to be my thing when i have a 6 a.m. flight. if the armageddon does not come please remind me to add, “stop packing so late” to my 2013 resolutions list, please.

i have a thing i do or ritual you could say where i clean everything in my house before i go. i hate to travel and come home to a messy house. not that my house is often in a state of mess, i just like it to be super clean. these cleaning expeditions take me a few hours because this is also the time when i’ll randomly feel like my oven or refrigerator should be deep cleaned, closet reorganized and car waxed by hand any other random cleaning task my brain can come up with and by the time i look up, it’s midnight and i have a crack of dawn flight.

i pack my bags in slow motion, pulling things out of my closet holding them up for display, like i’m shopping them for the first time, turning to my bag to look for room, turning back to said item, twisting my pursed lips in wonder and finally making a decision. “do i want these jeans? wait, shit, did i wash my other jeans that make my butt look good?! lucy, where is my white collarless shirt from fred segal?!”

it’s all so reminiscent of a bad mexican novella and i’m the star. freckle juice hates this. he normally sits at the edge of my bed shaking his head and walking off without saying a word. he’s the one that has to take me to the airport at the rooster’s hour and listen to me moan in the car about how sleepy i am and how i hate waiting in security when i’m sleepy.

anyway, this time i packed everything and forgot my hair products. the next morning i grabbed a few things from my bathroom and threw them in my bags. biggest.mistake.ever. now see, i can almost put anything on my hair living in los angeles. with almost no humidity ever, my hair does not loose definition or shrink up for no reason at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, but i was flying to the east coast a.k.a. humidity capital of the united states so i should have paid more attention to what i put in my bags.

because i packed products that were heavily-laced with glycerin i stood no chance. my hair plus humidity plus glycerin? fuggetaboutit. no ma’am, not happening. ever. it’s florida evens all day. round, circle fro. no definition. you’d have a better chance at finding nemo than a curl in my hair.

once i landed and tried to do my hair i realized i had to quickly rebound from my hasteful oversight so i booked it to the red circle boutique and picked up l’oreal’s humidity defying leave-in creme (click to read my review) and shea radiance’s maximun curl defining cream. the shea radiance has glycerin as the fourth ingredient which was okay because i’d packed products with glycerin being the second and that for me is always a problem when there is humidity present.

surprising myself, i got a really good hold with this random combination of products. i really didn’t know what i’d be in store for so i just went for it. i used the karen’s body beauty leave-in first and followed up with the l’oreal since it was new. after my hair was about 70% dry i added the shea radiance on top and finished it up with eden body works peppermint tea tree hair oil. a bit apprehensive when i took my hair down, i wasn’t sure if what i did worked since it was a shot in the dark, but my braid out held up all day and all night with about only a quater of the frizz i normally get when i’m traveling east.

my hats go off to you east coast ladies. a southerner myself, i can’t honestly say i miss having off the charts dew points that can take a good hair day and put it in an undertaker hold. i’m glad that i was finally able to work my way around the humidity but it was a challenge. next time, i’m going to have a little bag of products set aside called, “humidity hell emergency kit” to throw in my luggage so that the next time i’m east coasting it, i’ve got my big girl shoes on and come out swinging.

what surprising products work the best on your hair in humidity? are their certain products you pack just for traveling to certain places?

  • Samantha

    i basically throw every product that i have in the suitcase and go – really dont know what i should take or what i really need the most. :-/

  • df

    4 products just for frizz?! I’ll just get used to mine :x

  • Yvette

    I’m the same way about cleaning my house before I travel. Coming back to an ‘unclean’ house is just not it lOl. Def will try some of these products when I go somewhere that’s more humid.


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