It cleanses your face in one step. It does not burn or sting. It's gentle even on sensitive skin and it's super effective. Here is why micellar water might be your next holy grail.
"We live in a culture where people are constantly telling us how to get what we want, and within that message is, You need to be something other than you are. What if the goal is not to get what I want, but to discover who I am, be who I am, and accept that?"
We want to help you make your butt look and feel awesome. Yes, we are talking skin care tips for your butt, and we're creating your ultimate guide getting your softest, smoothest bottom ever.

Picture this. A makeup photo shoot day like any other day here at the office. Makeup is over flowing, our models–a beautiful mix of professionals and women who love to pose for the camera in their spare time–are munching on food and talking about the crazy things that are coming down their Instagram feeds at that moment. Music is blasting. Drake, Rhianna, Capital Cities. All the good music and all the fun everywhere is being had. It was a typical day. Little did we know that we were setting ourselves up for makeup amnesia. READ MORE

Ashy sunscreen be dammed. We've got your list of the best sunscreens for dark skin that blend and are effective on different skin types.

When you actually need a really good blush from the drugstore, it can be harder to find than you’d imagine. There are a plethora of lipstick and foundation options for all skin tones and types to choose from, but a really good blush that’s worth the purchase? We’ll that’s a bit more of a challenge. Here’s what looks great on all skin tones and types and makes us go back for repeat purchases: READ MORE

If you’ve ever tried on Ruby Woo while perusing reds at a MAC counter, then you more than likely have been offered up her sister Lady Danger for testing as well. Lots of women (including ourselves) are die hards for ole Ruby but there is something about Lady Danger that most can’t deny makes her a great sister lipstick–just opposite and similar enough–one is a little more classic, sexy and retro and the other, a little more vibrant, kittenish and eclectic. A vivid bright coral red that wears like the sun on your lips, it’s hard not to wear this color on repeat. READ MORE

You want to sleep but your brain has other plans. Chewing on grape flavored melatonin gummies may the the thing you body needs to get your sleep clock back on schedule.

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