Imagine you’re a spider with just one leg. It's odd, but there are days when we all feel like that. You can start restoring balance to your life by doing these three simple things that can restore balance for optimum mental, physical and spiritual health.
My fitness journey is on! I recently came up with a plan (after my Grim Reaper run) that will help me reach my new fitness and health goals not just for the temporary, but for the rest of my life. Won't you follow along?
Mondays can't possibly be bad for everyone, can they? Do billionaires and royalty dread this day too? From personal experience, the first step to tackling a Monday is actually having a weekend.

We’ve done our share of fasts for a day, but it’s time to go back to where we once started and up our health and beauty game. It’s time for a daily dose of goodness each and every morning. Right about now, frozen kale, frozen banana, almond mylk, flax oil and chlorophyll never looked so good. READ MORE

When I say “juice” what immediately comes to mind? Apple, orange, or even grape? That’s kid stuff. I’m talking about the healthy juice. No sugar added, not from concentrate and that definitely does not mean Juicy Juice — the original Juicy J before there ever was a rapping Juicy J. This is about sipping on that good stuff — kale, beets, spinach, parsley, cilantro, mint, and lime. READ MORE

“I had a rough childhood. Because of that, for a long time, I didn’t want to walk or sweat. I walked a lot as a child. We didn’t have much but my mother was always trying to provide the best for us, and that include a good education. She didn’t want to send us to the schools around my neighborhood, so she sent us to a school ‘just a little’ far from home. That meant that we would have to walk. READ MORE

Possibly, coming soon to a pharmacy near you is an "after-sex birth control pill." Can you just imagine, just hoping and praying that your pill works each month? We're thinking intensive trials must be done!

widely known online as “fran” of heyfranhey, francheska is no stranger to the curly-haired world. with healthy natural that flows down her back, she’s learned a thing or two about taking care of her hair but her journey to life long health came about sudden and called for a total lifestyle overhaul. from being bedridden for over half a year to learning how to heal her body through food and exercise, she talks candidly about how she turned her life around got the body she wanted and how she feels and looks much better for it in the end.

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