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We're deep into our obsession with kale (Beyoncé included), but kale is not as healthy as we all thought it was. In fact, it can actually make your hair fall out. #ForShame
You want to sleep but your brain has other plans. Chewing on grape flavored melatonin gummies may the the thing you body needs to get your sleep clock back on schedule.
Yes, we can have a more worry-free existence. In addition to a proactive approach to positive thinking, you'll need to start overriding your ego’s default settings that can overwhelm you.
Staying healthy during the holidays can be tricky with so much temptation, but it can be done. And you don't have to only eat rice cakes. Here's how you can have a little sugar and good health too.

The chances are high right now that if you walk into any grocery store or through a shopping mall you would hear holiday tunes blasting at levels of right below unbearable proclaiming that, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” And while that may be true for some, just simply because the holidays are here and will soon be a new year, this time of the year can also be a bitch if you suffer from painful periods. Holiday excitement, work and shopping stress on top of calorie guilt plus mother nature’s foot in your back uterus can do a number on your body and sanity. READ MORE

Supposedly food is big on Pinterest. Like bigger than fashion. We can see that. We can also see how it’s also big on Instagram and anywhere else people post brightly colored photos of meat and vegetables glistening with oils and teased with salt and pepper. We try our best to do good and to stick with the healthy stuff for our hair and skin and just to feel good overall so when we feel weak and want to order up a Domino’s special (those wings, tho) we give ourselves a healthy dose of Hannah Bronfman’s Instagram feed and get inspired by her fitness and food porn. READ MORE

You have tried to figure out everything causing your hair loss - you have no stress, you eat well and work out, you get enough sleep and your doctor has told you it’s not allergy or scalp health related. So what gives? It could be your birth control.
Imagine you’re a spider with just one leg. It's odd, but there are days when we all feel like that. You can start restoring balance to your life by doing these three simple things that can restore balance for optimum mental, physical and spiritual health.

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