Nudes and flesh tones are anything but boring. They range from creamy porcelain to deep mochas. In all honesty, how one defines nude really depends on their complexion. For me that falls somewhere between an almond latte and a rosy desert sand depending on the season and how much sun I’ve gotten. Of course I’d like to think my skin is always golden beige, but that’s not always the truth. For this very reason, a girl can never have to many nude lipsticks and nail polishes. READ MORE

The underside of your nails need some loving too. In order to no longer neglect them as the reservoir for cheese from your next slice of pizza or left over hair conditioner we're all up on this new indulgence in manicures. #SeeYouOnTheFlipSide
I've been searching for something that works as an anti-aging treatment and still allows my natural skin to shine without feeling weighed down. Did I mention you can use it on your body too? This Naked Skin stuff may just be the golden ticket.
Most eyelash curlers all fairly look the same, so why spend more than five bucks on one, right? We thought so too until we tried this one. After using this curler, we felt like curling masters, like we could now wield our curler with the grace and prowess of a matador.

We’ve kinda been on a Nars high for the last few weeks and decided it was time to show some love for one of our first holy grail blushes — Nars Orgasm Blush. The pink finish of this blush is absolutely gorgeous and looks good on everyone. It goes on so smooth and the finish is as fine and soft as baby powder. The color pay off builds up with each swipe and because it works just as well subtle as it does bold, one or two swipes is all you need. It also wears all day long so you don’t have to worry about reapplying. This is absolute business on your cheeks and pleasure when you want it to be. It works for corporate girls, the girls that just want to have fun and everyone else in-between. READ MORE

It’s a perfect semi-matte red that works on all skin tones. It makes your face glow and your smile appears much brighter. You’re going to absolutely love, love, love this color if you are a red lipstick lover.

Once you’ve gotten over your fear of spending more than a couple of dollars on a makeup brush, you’ll soon realize that a good quality and a bit more expensive brush makes all the difference. Before a great powder blush we die for a great foundation brush. A high quality foundation brush can give you a smooth finish in a way that you would have never expected. READ MORE

Nothing beats a good, classic, kohl eyeliner pencil. We love them old school with a fresh point and a creamy texture. There is something special about a super crisp, black lined eye and we've found the pencils to give us that perfect finish.

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