Yes, Valentine’s Day has come and gone but love is still in the air. I have to admit that Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year. Love is such a power thing when expressed in the right way. Love can be shown and exemplified in such creative ways and that’s what makes it so amazing. When you love what you do, or you love everything about life it will show in more ways the one. READ MORE

Drugstore mascaras that make your eyes pop have a new rival. This stuff goes on like Dior, separates like Urban Decay and costs as much as L’Oreal. This mascara caught us by surprise. It was a stealth beauty attack.

In the creative world of makeup, people tend to stay inside a box. Many find that it’s “safter” there. One thing I realized is that makeup has no rules. With this red smokey eyeshadow and pink lipstick look we just went for it and donned Priscilla’s eyes in red and finished her lips off with a pastel, opaque pink lip. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this would be a great look for a night out on the town. READ MORE

The art of contouring your face is a skill that anyone who is into makeup should try to master. It’s one way to transform your face and highlight your best features. When done well, it is a clever way to make the unique features of your face pop and enhance your bone structure. Contouring accentuates the facial features you already have and in some cases can give the illusion of what you wish you had. READ MORE

If there's any time of year that you absolutely should be wearing red lipstick, that time is right now! Why not go for a dark red matte lip? It's as sweet as red velvet cake on your mouth.

What does it take to look this cool? Apparently three people. This makeup look was a collaborative effort. Nikia did her own lips, Angel did her eyes and Lindsey did her beautiful, glowing illuminator and cheeks. Something came up and Lindsey had to jet out so Nikia and I took it upon ourselves to finish her face. A very cool holiday party, I’m the fleekish chick on Christmas day look if we don’t say so ourselves. And it’s all thanks to that gold glitter eyeshadow pigment gracing Nikia’s eyes. READ MORE

We’re suckers for one classic Christmas beauty cliche–the red lip. Though we’re big on trying new things (like we talked about for this beautiful fall makeup look) there is something about the holidays and impending new year that scream red lips. Maybe it’s the excitement, the red everywhere or the mistletoe kisses, but a beautiful red lip always ups the holiday fancy this time of year. Add to that black, glittery, smokey eyes and we’re done. READ MORE

We often associate brown and orange with fall, but I think that we can never really see the true beauty behind such great colors when we limit them to only the latter part of the year. Granted, this brown, smokey eye look that Amena is wearing was definitely inspired by fall and now soon to be winter in all its glory, but this look would work year round. I played her beautiful eyes up with a very sultry brown shadow and created a vibrant coral-orange glow on her cheeks. The thought of brown and orange together may seem all too “That 70s Show”, but I assure you, this combination is far from dated. READ MORE

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