BB Cream for your legs...hmm. Actually, let's back that up, BB cream for girls darker than um, the color right before caramel; we were not so sure about that one. So we tried this lotion and what a surprise it was.
Keep a bottle in your purse to whip out when you need a little skin boost. It's more fun than a typical body lotion and gives you that glow that we all want in the summer. This beauty oil makes us feel a little sexy. Jergens and sexy? Imagine that!
Let me guess, the last time you got a pedicure was too long ago. You can either go to a nail salon and watch the manicurist make weird faces while she's working on your crusty toes, or you can take control and fix your feet at home with a foot mask.

How To Body Scrub Like A Babe (On A Budget)

We love body scrubs. In particular, the ones that smell like heaven and leave your skin glowing like a goddess and looking like a babe (and we're all about that babe life). They are like mini spas moments. We've tried a lot of scrubs and love a lot of them, but one of our absolute favorite brands is Tree Hut for two reasons. One, the affordable cost and two, the quality ingredients. Right now, we're loving Tree Hut Italian Mocha Firming Sugar Scrub and the Tree Hut Italian Mocha Firming Body Lotion. We are fans of all of their products, but the absolute amazing smell of this new duo alone is enough to make anyone a fan for life.


Since announcing the launch of her new skin care line in February, the original bad gal has just released her personal message for the launch. Those beautiful bottles alone have us excited.
Perfect to throw into your purse since they are so effortless, fast and portable, each cloth is biodegradable (a major plus), is infused with coconut milk and smells very tropical and relaxing. We really love how handy these are.
UVA rays are always present and never fade in strength. Even though we may not see as much sun in the sky in the winter, her power is still looming in the space around us and she's still blasting at 100 percent.

i remember the first time i tried to explain what ashy meant to my best friend in 6th grade. she was white and at the time, she could not understand why the black girls always had vaseline jars or lotion bottles in their book bags. i also remember the conversation took longer than i expected. it was the first time that i realized that being ashy was not something that everyone avoided like the plague. as we grew up, we both learned that everyone is ashy, it just so happened that her beautiful, porcelain white skin was like camouflage to her ash in contrast to my brown skin which was like a neon sign for one speck of ashiness. READ MORE

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