Since announcing the launch of her new skin care line in February, the original bad gal has just released her personal message for the launch. Those beautiful bottles alone have us excited.
Perfect to throw into your purse since they are so effortless, fast and portable, each cloth is biodegradable (a major plus), is infused with coconut milk and smells very tropical and relaxing. We really love how handy these are.
UVA rays are always present and never fade in strength. Even though we may not see as much sun in the sky in the winter, her power is still looming in the space around us and she's still blasting at 100 percent.

i remember the first time i tried to explain what ashy meant to my best friend in 6th grade. she was white and at the time, she could not understand why the black girls always had vaseline jars or lotion bottles in their book bags. i also remember the conversation took longer than i expected. it was the first time that i realized that being ashy was not something that everyone avoided like the plague. as we grew up, we both learned that everyone is ashy, it just so happened that her beautiful, porcelain white skin was like camouflage to her ash in contrast to my brown skin which was like a neon sign for one speck of ashiness. READ MORE

Researchers say that the same genetic mutation that gives a person their beautiful ginger glow (light skin and red hair) may also promote cancer-causing pathways which could lead to melanoma.

It seems like we were just picking out bikinis and now we’re counting down the last days of summer. With Labor Day just around the corner, we’re squeezing in our last beach days and barbecues. It’s so hard to say goodbye. The season may be winding down, but those sun rays are still beaming down on you. And unlike what we’ve been told and thought for many years, don’t think just because you’re a beautiful brown skin lady that the sun isn’t as harmful for you as the girls with less melanin. READ MORE

one of my not-so-secret skin care weapons is black soap. a little bar of magic, it’s like a clarisonic brush, glyclolic peel and microdermabrasion all in one. it keeps my skin clear and bright and for pennies on the dollar. this little bar of black soap has worked better at cleansing my skin during a breakout better than any other facials soaps when it comes to swift delivery of results. it works amazingly fast and keeps my skin smooth and soft for days on end before i have to use it again. READ MORE

i had my first run in with african black soap a few years ago. all the range amongst a small group of my friends at the time, i’d passed over their advice to try this interesting looking bar many a times. at the time it sounded so trendy, like it would fade away soon enough, but a year later they were still going on and on about this “miracle soap.” “throw out everything else girl! this is the business!” on the last plea from a friend i caved in and she dropped a bar into the palm my hand. other than thinking, “this one strange looking bar of soap,” i only had a snippet of advice from her on how to use it which was, “don’t over do it!” and was sent on my merry way. boy did she set me up good… READ MORE

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