It cleanses your face in one step. It does not burn or sting. It's gentle even on sensitive skin and it's super effective. Here is why micellar water might be your next holy grail.
We want to help you make your butt look and feel awesome. Yes, we are talking skin care tips for your butt, and we're creating your ultimate guide getting your softest, smoothest bottom ever.
Ashy sunscreen be dammed. We've got your list of the best sunscreens for dark skin that blend and are effective on different skin types.

The holiday weekend is officially over. You’ve overdosed on BBQ and little sleep. This morning and the rest of the week, things my not be looking so good for our under eye real estate. Or maybe by the time you’re reading this it’s the middle of the week, no holiday in sight, and you’re barely making it through a crazy hectic week/month/fill in the blank with life’s sleep stealing moments. Either way, you’ve found yourself here because of bags under your eyes. You woke up this morning like this (and absolutely nothing like that song talks about) and are now frantically searching the innanets for “bags under your eyes home remedies” and “bags under your eyes cream.” Slow down and breathe. We feel you. READ MORE

This cream works to relive that winter and dry air tightness we've all experienced. It also calms flakiness, especially around your mouth and nose with emollients that make your face feel soft and smooth.
For beauty’s sake. Listen, Mother Nature isn’t kind to many of us. I still consider myself a spring motherfreakin’ chicken, but gravity is doing its best to drag me down. So instead of surgery, I’m opting for this face mask.
Talk about taking “If I Were A Boy” to an entirely new level. Dermaplaning, the official, clinical name for women shaving their faces without actually “shaving their faces”, seems like a new thing but it is actually not new.
We wish you had scratch and sniff screens. You're all being deprived of a nose and lung aromatic massage right now, as you read this. This soap is just so good, it makes you want to take a long bath.

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