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Instead of holding on to jeans that just don't cut it anymore you should give them away. Of course you could drop them off at your local Salvation Army or Goodwill but you an also recycle them and get money back for being kind to the environment.
By taking your favorite pair of denim from the store straight to the tailor before you start wearing them make for a pair of jeans that fit your body and booty like a glove.
So, the expert advice on wearing your bras is no more than twice without washing it, but its seems we’re just not listening…or caring? We’re out here in these streets marinating in lace and satin for seven days or more.

Fresh off her very dope Puma collaboration, Solange is playing the face of French label ElevenParis for their new Spring/Summer campaign alongside Christopher David Owns of the band Girls. Whipping her natural hair and rocking that fresh blow out in mesh and sheer and abstract strokes of black and blue, as their new ambassador, she’s helping the brand to promote their ready-to-wear line to a larger international audience. READ MORE

Technically it’s not bra season for many women which just means since it’s not summer it’s technically not “bra season.” We consider bra season to be year round. What’s the point in waiting for summer to revel in beautiful boob decorations? There can be something just as sexy about a lace bra under wool or cashmere or a polyester blend-whatever your speed-just as it is when the sun shines upon your chest on a summer afternoon giving a glimpse of the lace playing peek-a-boo through your sheer, soft-finish tee shirt. It’s all about how you feel in the bra-not the season you’re wearing it. READ MORE

“give me hipsters or give me death!” a few years ago that would have been thongs or death, but now that i’m older, my love for panties has returned with a vengeance. listen, i can stand up straighter than an American Ballet Theater ballerina for eight hours in the baddest stilettos that secretly make me want to end it all at any moment and slide into the tightest jeans that make my ass look like a walking memorial all while calling for me to suck it in until my rib cage is about to buckle, but i cannot and will not do camel toe or suffer through any underwear that keeps my fingers in my butt. surely cannot. i happen to really like thongs but sometimes a girl needs a really pretty and comfortable pair of briefs. READ MORE

All black everything can be nice, but sometimes it’s even nicer to mix things up. Throw on a black blazer and some amazing black boots and some black, wax jeans and a black bag and you’re on your way to mastering French chic. Throw in some color and you’re on your way to mastering French Chic meets New York fashion lover. Here’s to mixing things up. READ MORE

LA, like always it seems, is having a freakishly warm fall. Nevertheless, we like to remind ourselves that many of you still have to wear coats during the winter (while we’re at the beach) and it’s important to not forget that while we’re putting together our shopping looks. So with that, as we lounge around in flip flops and tee shirts, here is a warm, casual outfit to keep you looking cute this fall. READ MORE

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