For those moments when you are unapologetically duck-faced in the airport bathroom or dancing like a raging bull to a Wale banger in the club, there is a tee shirt for that.
It sits perfectly over your chest without bunching around your armpits like some poorly made turtlenecks do. This is going to be your new favorite top for the spring and again in the fall. Trust us on this one.

How long was it before you could properly pronounce Louis Vuitton? Where you ever guilty of calling the iconic French brand by the très American moniker, Loo-is Vu-ton instead of saying Loo-ee Voo-tone? Come on, admit it. You may own a classic papillon that you treat with the upmost respect, but you can’t say the name of her birth parent for shit. We don’t judge you. READ MORE

Undeniably, the standout piece in our film, “SHE (Is Beautiful, Honest, Sexual, Loved, Liberated And Powerful)” was that red Calvin Klein Red Icon Lace Provocative Plunge Bra and matching thong. Released late last year for the Fall 2013 Calvin Klein Underwear Collection, Calvin Klein rounded up the brand’s most iconic, fundamental bras and organized them in a new classification system to streamline the process of finding the perfect silhouette and fit (we absolutely found it when we came across this amazing set for the wardrobe selection). For instance, Nikia (and Christy Turlington) rocked a “provocative plunge” bra. If you need a good full coverage bra for work and afternoon at the park with the kids, a demi for a night out or a plunge bra for dancing in a hallway with a vintage kimono (your own body party), the variety will give you all of the essential pieces you need. READ MORE

Oh, you don't own any plaid button downs or you need a new one? Then check out our pick because not only is it cheap, it will look good on everyone as will those leather paneled two tone contrast jeans.

even though the first day of spring will be here in exactly 10 days, that does not mean we are not still layering up. it’s cold outside and this week will be no exception despite sporadic days of 60 degree weather. when there is snow still on the ground, warmth measures should be taken despite the urge to walk outside in your cutest cami. this is where layering denim with a little fleece comes in as we celebrate the approach of spring. classic american with a twist. READ MORE

Between the structured satin, beautiful navy stripes, short sleeves and a-line skirt we're (dare we say) smitten just a little over this dress. The fit is perfect, the length just right and the color and texture all make this dress a spring must have.

Lace, satin, and baby-soft cotton. These are the fabrics my lingerie is made of. They are dainty and sophisticated, yet also protects my girly parts. When it comes to washing your delicates especially your bras, you’ve got to take very special care of them. How many times have you accidentally thrown your favorite bra into the wash with your other clothes only to find it warped and shrunken later? Or you’ve got a sweat stain on that white satin bra you like so much and you think it’s ruined forever. The secret to keeping your bras in tip-top shape…do it the old fashioned way and hand wash. READ MORE

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