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She's not only a magnificent model but a driven business woman and soon-to-be philanthropist bringing change to her homeland, Sudan. And her immaculate skin? Check out her simple trick to flawlessness.
Aluad Deng Anei is a beautiful, towering model coming in at a height of 6 feet. South Africa born and raised, Aluad's look and style makes you stop to relish in just how sexy short, cropped hair really is.
Sudanese model Malaan Ajang recently hit our radar after being photographed for Design Scene. Signed by Darley Management, Malaan an up and coming (super) model, recently graced an amazing editorial entitled 'Jewel Thief'.
Julia Sarr Jamois is the 23 year old effortlessly cool editor of Wonderland Magazine, a regular at fashion week, often shot by street style bloggers, stylist and sometime model.
Ever since the 16 year old dazzled on a shoot for Canadian Elle wearing an afro wig, the Tanzanian born model has shot for Italian Vogue and snagged major campaigns for Diesel, CK One and Lacoste.
In 2010, a little known Parisian model entered a world wide on-line casting for a big name brand. Coralie Jouhier, with her trademark kinky and curly natural red hair her gritty and rock star modeling personality is hard to miss.
London born Carly Cushnie has a beautiful head of trademark short, cropped blonde curls. A design maven who has accomplished so much in her short and very impressive career, Carly rocks standout curls with a sleek and sophisticated rock-star appeal.
Swedish model Sabina Karlsson hit it big during Scandinavia's Next Top Model. From there the beautiful, red-haired, freckeled-face model went on to own the 2008 Spring/Summer runway.

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