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it’s not often music combines kente inspired african prints, fly natural hair, a pretty voice and boss wardrobes in a four minute ride of song and dance. in her new video, “only wanna give it to you”, elle varner is showing off her feminine side in a dress made for summer ready thighs and a shoe game that even the kick lover will adore. and the song? very upbeat and summery, which makes me wonder why her label waited to release a summer jam like this when all the leaves around us are turning orange. either way, it’s a new song to add to my playlist and style to covet! READ MORE

groove theory could do no wrong in my eyes – ever. just the other day i was listening to “dija know” on repeat for the umpteenth time as i was cruising down the highway. as i listen to the words of “dija know” and “tell me”, i’m thinking amel larrieux was smashing into love around this time because these songs – sang over mellow beats and low bass – seemed to be fully encompassing how she’d met a man that knocked her socks off and how vulnerable she’d become to him. READ MORE

digable planets was surly before their time. did you ever notice the verse in their rap from 1993, “where kinky hair goes to unthought-of dimensions” (catch this at the 1:00 mark). digibale planets showing up on the scene was a major game changer that never fully happened back in the early 90’s. their sound and their message was very different, too different, in my opinion, to keep them noticed past an underground crowd which should have skyrocketed over to mainstream appeal. “just sendin’ junky rhythms right down ya block / we be to rap what key be to lock” READ MORE

recently i ran across ashanti’s “baby” video on youtube. when i like a song, i usually play it a few times just for good measure and this one brought back memories. in addition to loving the summer time tune and beat of this song, i noticed that nia long was killing it with a boss black dress that was giving off swag for days. looking at this chick makes you wanna do sit-ups and push ups to get your stomach and arm game tight if it’s not already. after being inspired by nia, i thought i’d track down some dresses that are channeling this “baby” look that she so effortlessly pulled off. READ MORE

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