For those moments when you are unapologetically duck-faced in the airport bathroom or dancing like a raging bull to a Wale banger in the club, there is a tee shirt for that.
Oh, you don't own any plaid button downs or you need a new one? Then check out our pick because not only is it cheap, it will look good on everyone as will those leather paneled two tone contrast jeans.

even though the first day of spring will be here in exactly 10 days, that does not mean we are not still layering up. it’s cold outside and this week will be no exception despite sporadic days of 60 degree weather. when there is snow still on the ground, warmth measures should be taken despite the urge to walk outside in your cutest cami. this is where layering denim with a little fleece comes in as we celebrate the approach of spring. classic american with a twist. READ MORE

Between the structured satin, beautiful navy stripes, short sleeves and a-line skirt we're (dare we say) smitten just a little over this dress. The fit is perfect, the length just right and the color and texture all make this dress a spring must have.

a good outfit can be hard to find…in your closet. the pieces are there but somehow, every morning it’s the same old routine. you have nothing to wear. that’s when it’s smart to go back to basics and pull out a trusty cardigan. nothing says all american like a heavy, braided, cable-weave cotton sweater. READ MORE

so, you’re not exactly sure that you want to go out tonight as a fashion killa in the bunny ears and you refuse to do any “slutty” version of anything. you don’t have money for a costume and you are all out of ideas. how about rocking two corn rows, some shades, your kicks, silver foil on your k9s and a little swag to channel your inner A$AP. READ MORE

A handbag that can double as a sweater carrier, miniature dog home, magazine library and shoe store is what a girl needs. But it also needs to be affordable and stylish. We think this $99 bag just about does it.

loving the shopping experience at Zara is easy to do. as a brand they’ve captured many hearts. saw something on the runway that you want but don’t want to mortgage your house to buy it? they’ve got you. and this fall and winter they’ve also go you covered with a crazy pretty collection of heels, flats and boots to style up your winter wardrobe and carry you into the new year. READ MORE

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