in two days, the big gift giving day will be here. and if you are anything like us, your hair ‘do for the day is still up in the air. personally, if i could have my way, i’d be in a beanie all day, but then it wouldn’t match my outfit and really, there’s not much fun in that. READ MORE

it’d be kind of redundant at this point to say “the holiday’s are upon us.” actually we’re knee deep into the season. in less than a week, santa clause will be jumping down chimneys and dropping gifts for the good girls and boys and lumps of coal for the bad ones. and us, we’ll we’ll be stuffing our faces with food that have calories that don’t count on holidays. unlimited, calorie-free dressing for the win! READ MORE

A crochet pony is majorly creative and it's so simple. A different take on a protective style if there ever was one all you need is a few hours and a great moisturizing oil. This is 90s hair revamped.
It's not that we've never seen this natural hair style before, but it's that Summer's transformation is so eye-catching. She put a fun spin on how to twist out curly hair (read: twist your hair then paint your lips).
Though a fluffy bantu knot out is love, we are digging the defined spirals in this hair style. With a few lightweight moisturizers, and no heat getting a firm hold on bantu curls is quite simple.

the beauty about beauty is that it’s subjective. we all crave and admire from different perspectives. it’s something that many of us take for granted very often when it comes to hair. many of us spend hours trying to craft the perfect style every time and allowing room for imperfections seems ludicrous. but it’s in the imperfections that hair is perfect. take twist out curls for example, when done meticulously, you can have carbon copy curls that evoke envy for days, but a perfectly imperfect twist out is perfect within its own right. READ MORE

the over-sized high bun. so simple and so chic yet so easy to not pull off just right if you don’t have just enough pins and the right gel to hold everything into place. trust us, those two “ingredients” for this style are essential if you don’t want to look like your hair has exploded a mere few hours after you’ved fashioned your hair into place. if you’ve ever wondered how to do a high bun on natural hair, then take note from mahagony curls who used only her hands and perfectly placed pins and a little gel to create her aptly named “queen bee bun.” READ MORE

i don’t think we could ever get tired of pinned up hair. especially hair that’s only half pinned it. it’s sexy in a very charming, “oh, i didn’t realize my hair was giving you life” way. it’s a very young and fresh look that anyone can pull off. yes, anyone. a pinned flat twist and curls may look like it’s only suited for the young but is instead a style that can refresh the face of anyone wearing it – anyone who still feels young at heart. READ MORE

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