A collection of twelve beautifully written short stories that center around different perspectives and focus on not only life in Nigeria but America as well. The story lines are exceptionally written with authenticity and at times make you sad that they have come to an end.
Trying to evoke a conversation around consumerism we can applaud but trying to do so while using treads of the African diaspora to sew your flag we call bullshit on.
She has taken on the task of bringing something new to our ears. But she's no second rate spin off and we realized that when we hear her tracks. Those sweet melodies stick with you long after her record has finished spinning. We dare you to not hit repeat.
Even with her accessibility, she still holds on to much of her mysteriousness. Her music is equally curiously alluring and her new song and video for 'Brain' is very sexy and haunting.
There is a saying that goes something like, "It's hard to be happy for someone else when you aren't happy with yourself." If this hits close to home, then it's time you take steps to find your happiness truth.
Before she was famous for her "United Colors" red carpet dresses, her emotionally moving speech on her beautiful dark as night skin or her Oscar, she was a sexually assertive woman named Ayria in "Shuga."

this photo of Kelis in her gold and black, vintage claw foot tub is so much of everything, we don’t even know what to do. the curls, the khol lined eyes, the fuchsia lipstick. served. served. served. the certified Cordon Blu chef sat down (in the tub) with The Coveteur for a shindig around her digs to show off her most loved pieces. our current favorite from the story, this beautiful pink tutu. READ MORE

we’re finally getting served. Kelis is taking her “Milkshake” and “Jerk Ribs” combo plate and giving it to us for real. after making sauces and teasing us with food porn, she’s finally putting her food where her mouth is on her very own cooking show in a new series that will highlight her dishes and recipes. READ MORE

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