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"It's time you people get your shit right when it comes to our complexion! Why do I have to bring my own makeup to a professional show? WTF!"
Are those of us who value every single relationship and commit ourselves never ever to cross someone even though we may have been crossed truly the winners?

Misty Copeland has made history. She has become the first African-American female principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre in New York. Misty’s rise to fame has been meteoric to say the least. Her life story and determination resonates with many–at least a few million of us as evident by her virally popular Under Armor ad professing her willfulness and to move past “no.” Her promotion to principal dancer as well as the lead for the Swan Queen is a huge step in the ballet world–one known to not be as accepting of body types that aren’t’ waif thin or simply white. READ MORE

Vaginas are cool and a huge portion of the population has one. Whether you’re a vagina owner or know someone that is, there are some myths that need debunking.

In September of 2006, CBS News published an article lamenting the number of daily ad images that inundated us and an accompanying picture of a man with an index card affixed to his forehead reading “your ad here.” Though this photo was intended to suggest that literally every available space could and eventually would be an appropriate space for advertisers to display its messages, the image was intended as hyperbole. READ MORE

Miss Monae has decided to give us a summer jam by the title of "Yoga" that is very mainstream and we ain't mad at it. Everybody got a little club banger deep down in them.

We don’t often see Tia in print but when we do, she always serves up a nice surprise. Now that we can officially tell her and her sister apart (it only took watching every episode of Sister Sister and their reruns a gazillion times), it’s exciting to watch Tia and her sister grow and evolve as women. READ MORE

There are few Instagram accounts that can make us spend Pinterest type time wandering down into the depths of images that go way back. We’re talking way, way back. Weeks and weeks and more back. Loza Maléombho’s account is one of those few. If you’re not familiar with the Abidjan-based designer and amazing creative behind her womenswear label that carries her namesake, we suggest that you take these next few minutes to hammer her name into your memory. And her creative selfies. And her clothes. And these bad ass sandals. Once you’re not distracted by her textile allure, return to her #AlienEdit series. Look at them and be inspired because, life. READ MORE

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