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From melted hair to permanent hair loss, Suave is in hot water and is now headed to class action lawsuit for pimping their "30 Day Keratin Kit" as a temporary straightener when it was actually a pseudo-relaxer.
Hey girl. Stressed out? Got the blues? Just not feeling that zen yoga class today? Those xanax taste like chewy sprees? Iyanla can't seem to fix your life? You might need vaginal facial to fix that.
Despite the new trend of dyed grey hair, many women cringe at the thought of ever becoming a silver fox. Thanks to a new L'Oreal patent for grey hair, they may never have to go the way of white strands.
A Harlem woman is suing M.A.C after she claims she contracted herpes from Rihanna’s Riri Riri Woo at the Barclay’s Center Pop Up Shop. This takes beauty is pain to a new level.
Though she has spread her namesake far and wide, it's her blonde hair that everyone identifies Beyonce with. Recent studies prove that some don't recognize her when she's not blonde.
Going braless is indeed brave for those equipped with the proper cup size but now it seems that either way, for those of us with small stacks to racks on racks, going braless means perkier tatas.
Isis Brantley was at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta when aTSA representative asked to search her hair for explosives. Yep, you read that right - explosives.

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