The musical duo that’s composed of Jillian Hervey (Vanessa Williams’s daughter and the Lion Babe herself) and producer Lucas Goodman is delivering up some smoky, smooth sounds.
Listen to her lyrics and finally admit that Willow Smith does not present your average case of sameness but instead is a young lady who is about to light the sky on fire.
Her newest LP is classic Amel full of powerful emotion laced over beautiful, soulful, poetic, pitch perfect vocals. She harmonizes her way through this album like crazy making us remember why we miss her voice so much.

We love Macy for a variety of reasons. One of them happens to be for her music (an obvious given but just in case we needed to clarify) and one of the many others includes her hair (!!) in addition to her handsomely feminine, raspy voice, eclectic taste, bluntness and her presence in Lackawanna Blues. We’ll get back to her hair – that amazing hair – in a bit while we take this moment to find a space to dance around our office to her new single “Bang Bang.” READ MORE

She has taken on the task of bringing something new to our ears. But she's no second rate spin off and we realized that when we hear her tracks. Those sweet melodies stick with you long after her record has finished spinning. We dare you to not hit repeat.
Even with her accessibility, she still holds on to much of her mysteriousness. Her music is equally curiously alluring and her new song and video for 'Brain' is very sexy and haunting.
In her music, she challenges so-called gender norms in thought-provoking lyrics based on the intrinsic ideas of "normalcy" and binary gender roles. Her artistry brings race, gender and class issues to the forefront.
Her sound is distinctive but is strangely familiar at the same time. We like that listening to her records make us feel a sexy rush of 90s R&B nostalgia still relevant in her futuristic, eletroc-amped sound.

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