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we’re finally getting served. Kelis is taking her “Milkshake” and “Jerk Ribs” combo plate and giving it to us for real. after making sauces and teasing us with food porn, she’s finally putting her food where her mouth is on her very own cooking show in a new series that will highlight her dishes and recipes. READ MORE

This indie sneaks up on you while the blossoming friendship between Jane and Sadie paralleled by the different worlds they inhabit makes you realize that life is indeed sad, funny and always honest.
Restless City tells the story of an Africa immigrant surviving on the fringes of New York City where music is his passion, life is a hustle, and falling in love is his greatest risk.
Before Midnight is a intensely relatable film about enduring love. No smoke and mirrors and storybook endings, it's about less than perfect love that we call the joys and pains of family, intimacy and romance.

Say Grace Before Drowning is a brilliantly portrayed film on the fragility of life, how life unfolds in the eyes of a child and the often uncontrollable forces of insanity. sierra leonean-american, nikyatu jusu, gracefully tells the story of 8 year old hawa who meets her refugee mother for the first time in her life. a woman who has been forced to move from a land and country where her entire being was under attack to a new world where she struggles to find herself or understand anything around her. READ MORE

The story of Marilyn Monroe is back on screen and this one is a must watch. An elegant pastiche of candid moments; a new snippet of her life is laid out for us to watch unfold with revel or reservations.

unrequited lust and love is a rite of passage as a human being. loving someone when they don’t return that love is a happening right now as i type this. a guy stares at the back of the neck of the beautiful woman standing in front of him at the post office. he’s smitten, she’s clueless to the fact that he even exists and after mailing her packages off to a nation across the pond, she exits the post office and he is left standing alone buying his monthly set of stamps. READ MORE

saying goodbye to your favorite television show is hard (i’m still pouring out a little something something for the cosby show) but it’s even worse when it’s ripped from your arms like that scene in loosing isiah that makes everybody cry. i remember the moment just like yesterday. the night of february 11, 2008, i watched an episode of girlfriends like i always did during the week while i ignored calls and texted my own girlfriends during the commercials about the antics of stuck up toni childs or loony toon, neurotic, but quite fly-dressed joan. in this episode, joan finally got her wedding proposal after almost eight years, maya and darnell bought a house in their old neighborhood and william and monica reunited. the end. READ MORE

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