Where are all the girls rocking the rows? We think it’s about time we took it back to the days when you were reminded of just how beautiful cornrows are. Remember when you opened up your mom’s newest edition of Essence and Susan Taylor’s bright smile and cornrows laid to the gawds gleamed back at you? That’s what were talking about. READ MORE

Need a hair cut or your spit ends chopped? A stylist will incinerate your ish right off of your head if you are brave enough. All we want to know is what happens if there is a backdraft? We saw the movie so we're just saying.
To leave-in or not to leave-in, that is the question. The short answer is no. A leave-in conditioner has never meant the difference between life and lifeless-ness or measurable improved hair condition and here is why.
Acai is a dark purple superfruit that can do wonderful things for your natural hair, skin and nails. Because of the combination of omegas and aminos, magnesium, vitamins A, C, E and B, folic acid and zinc this little berry needs to be on your healthy body radar.
I hear the word perfect used frequently in the natural hair 'sphere. The perfect twist out, the perfect wash n go. These titles that lure women in and telling them how to achieve the "perfect" do. But why are we always chasing perfect hair?
This quick tip can help you to cut down on your shampoo time so that you can spend your day doing things you actually enjoy versus standing in the shower in shampoo hell.
Many people think that getting faux locks is the same as getting braids and they are in some ways and are totally different in others. It's a fabulous style, but be sure to keep these three key things in mind before you get your hair done and before you regret this on-trend style.
Terminal length is real y'all. There is much debate that women with certain hair types can't grow long hair but length has absolutely nothing to do with what type of hair we have and everything to do with how long our hair is in the the Anagen growing phase.

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