Brushing your natural hair may seem like something you can do in your sleep, but it can become problematic even for the best of us. Anyone who brushes their hair should always follow these two basic rules: start at your ends and never ever rip out knots or tangles. However, when you have naturally curly or kinky hair, the rules of engagement change a bit more and if you don’t follow them, then you are bound to pay a hefty price. We’ve seen women undo years of hard work growing and caring for their hair in a few months all from deciding to start brushing their hair. Though it seems drastic, it can happen, so here are a few notes (or refreshers) on how to brush wet curly hair the right way. READ MORE

In order to master "mixed race hair" you need to think about it differently: try to stop thinking of it hair as "mixed race" and instead think of it for what it is--curly hair. That's simply because there is no such thing as "mixed race hair."
So you've been doing all the right things but your hair isn't healthier or longer. Here's how to tell if you need to undo some of the "good" you think you're doing and stop damaging your hair.
Knowing when and how to use a product correctly is part of a healthy hair regimen. So we're breaking down exactly why you you'd shampoo first and deep condition second to get the most benefits.
No matter if you're a box red head, brunette, blonde or part of the skittles rainbow, there are a few things you need to know about taking care of your hair color during the fall and winter to keep your hair healthy.
Winter is the perfect time to pamper your hair. Here are a few of our favorite luxury hair masks that work amazingly well to soften and moisturize naturally curly hair of all curl types.
Is there such a thing a a white girl with black girl hair problems? Or is is a bad hair day just a bad hair day and has nothing to do with having "black girl" hair problems?
The first thing we thought of when this question came through was, what can we say to make it easier on you right now so that you can stop freaking out? Luckily, for you, "baby bangs" are actually in style thanks to Beyoncé.

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