Vitamins work by compensating for nutritional deficiencies, period. Unless you know what areas you are deficient in via your physician diagnosing this, introducing vitamins into your life can be a double edged sword.
Seriously, we just want to look just as good as Tracee does in her bouclé scarf...which, honestly, might require finding the perfect scarf as well as the perfect black turtleneck to pull it off, but be damned if we're not going to try.
You have tried to figure out everything causing your hair loss - you have no stress, you eat well and work out, you get enough sleep and your doctor has told you it’s not allergy or scalp health related. So what gives? It could be your birth control.
"I grew up wanting to be able to twist my hair and to wear my hair like my mom did and my aunts did because I wanted to be like them, I didn't wanna be different. [Just that term 'good hair'] is crazy. "
Natural oils are great for your hair and skin but not all of them are created equal. First, to understand these terms, you need to understand how natural fruit oils are made.
A beautiful head of hair comes from a healthy scalp. Though there may be a few exceptions to this rule, this is generally how it goes. To have the hair and balanced scalp you want it's time to reevaluate your hair regime.
If you have not yet heard, there is a new beauty product on the market and it's being touted as a game changer for every head of hair everywhere. This new 1/4 ounce miracle is called Olaplex and it just may change how you color and style your hair
The L.A. Times has done the absolute most with their recent article on cornrows as they proceed to contribute their popularity to white women all while completely ignoring black women and black culture.

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