“The crown and top of my head my hair is curly and it keeps moisture well on the other hand the sides and the back is really kinky. It’s so dry in those areas. What can I do to help keep the moisture and shine? I know it wont be a curly as the top but I would like for it to look as healthy.” READ MORE

In case you forgot, the mushroom cut was big in the eighties and nineties. Some may see this cut on Erykah and think they are looking at a mullet but do not be confused. This is a mushroom.

Here comes the boom. When it comes to fly hair, Kenya knows how to bring it on. She is in the business of hair and is also a model and actress. So imagine our challenge of trying to impress a master of the triple threat. The question was (not so) simply: what could we do that would not only compliment her gorgeous skin, but also fit her electrifying personality? Our team deliberated for hours to find the right color combo and I think we nailed it. READ MORE

Here are a few of our tricks for getting your straight hair to hold a curl so that you don't have to keep frying your hair every day with a curling iron.

Enjolie came in to the hair studio with hopes of sunset inspired magentas and purples but left with a vibrant copper coral color melt that she loved just the same. This color works so well on her because it highlights her skin tone and in some ways, even makes her beautiful eyes even more noticeable. Her coral tips are so delicately subtle that until her hair is in a high pony or she throws her curls over her shoulders, you almost miss that they are there. READ MORE

A “professional” blue. That was the challenge. Blue natural hair can be beautiful, but it’s not for the faint at heart and for those of us who walk the line of adventurous on the weekend and corporate during the week, it can be tricky to pull of. Many of us split our hair personalities during the week and can only do the fun stuff we want on the weekend (or on Tuesday when the club is going up…but we digress). We wanted to find a solution to that problem for the beautiful kinky curls Frankie rocks so effortlessly and we think we did just that with this deep aqua marine blue. READ MORE

We’ll go right ahead and state the obvious two things you’re thinking: One, Bianca looks beautiful in her lime green natural hair. And two, not many people can pull of green hair and even fewer of those “not many people” can pull of neon green hair. We’re right there with you. We agree that everything is not for everyone and that includes both spandex and hair color. But, and this but applies to everyone, we like to experiment with color and enjoy encouraging other women to be brave enough to do the same by trying a color that they think they can’t pull off. You may just surprise yourself at how good you look in bright, neon curls and how becoming it is on you. READ MORE

In most cases, it’s Vic that’s doing the styling. Being a celebrity wardrobe stylist and costume designer, her curly natural hair plays a role just as important as the purse she carries and the outfits that she wears. Everything has to come together precisely. She was a wonderful treat for this makeover series. She presented us with the biggest challenge because she was a bit anxious coming in. “I’m the worst person for surprises,” she told us. “I hate surprises. No, really I hate them.” In for surprise she was because like all of the other ladies before her, she had no idea what hair color she was getting. It could have been swamp green for all she knew. But what we knew was that her hair color needed to say “banging.” It needed to speak volumes even when she was not saying a word. READ MORE

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