Before you pick up another bottle, jar or tube of anything, make sure you're making a smart purchase. Not sure how to do that or just want to double check that you already are? Check out our tips to help curb your enthusiasm for impulse shopping.
Picture this. Your hair in a high bun and one or two of these pins strategically placed at the side or you could wear your curls out with just one comb tucked neatly off center of your face while holding your hair back from your eyes. Do you see it now?

Let’s face it. There are some women with amazing heads of beautiful and healthy curls. Their hair is always shiny and their curls and kinks constantly look plump and springy. There is not a strand on their head that looks dry or neglected. They are the masters of gorgeous hair. Do you wonder how they do it? Their secret is simple really. It’s all about their healthy hair habits day after day and year after year. If you’re interested in becoming that girl, here are seven essential habits of girls with gorgeous and healthy naturally curly hair that you can start implementing now to be on your want to enviable curls. READ MORE

Castile soap is multi purpose and when you use it correctly (read: dilute) you can wash your hair with it. Here is my old personal mix that leaves your hair shiny, soft and clean.
An icon once uttered, "She's a very kinky girl." Sure Mr. Rick James meant in a certain way but there are women out there that are kinky in other ways. That's why you're reading this now I assume.

a few days ago, a friend of mine texted me to ask me about getting a weave. she’s had naturally curly hair for the last five years. before that, her story was like many other women with curly hair; she wore her hair relaxed and flat ironed bone straight and sometimes enhanced with extensions. she confessed to me in our conversation chat bubbles that she’s tired of her fro as well as the styles she wears her curls in so she wants something completely different and new. she wants a weave. i told her to go for it and to send pictures as soon as she got her hair done. a few hours later, one last ping brought me back into our conversation to see her delayed response, “i’m scared.” READ MORE

Lots of products will say they work on all hair textures, and that may be true, but we like to work off the best results producing products overall. These are the ones that give us the most beautiful buns every time.
We understand that colored hair is fun, but it's always wise to be aware of the repercussions of lifting your hair so that you don't find yourself blindsided in the end if things don't turn out the way you expect.

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