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It’s Dove’s first oil-based line specifically targeting naturally curly and coarse hair and promises to be their most nourishing range yet, infused with buriti oil and Omega 9.
Many people with blonde hair mistakenly think that purple shampoo and conditioner will make their hair blonder but this is a common misconception. Purple shampoo actually works like this...
When it comes to preserving your hair color, there are a few really good brands to go above and beyond just moisturizing your hair and help to make your hair vibrant. Because if it ain't bright, it ain't right. We're #JustSaying

Some of the best drugstore hair masks are just as good if not better than some salon and name brand hair masks. Your local drugstore is a treasure trove of deep conditioning goodness to treat whatever ails your natural hair from dryness, heat styled one too many times, color-treated needs to mature natural hair. If you are a little hard on your hair and need some deep treatment therapy, snatch up one of these hair masks for your hair. READ MORE

Leave it to forums and hearsay to get you all hyped about taking pills that can magically turn your hair, skin and nails into the those of a princess. The problem with this claim is that it's not the full story.
A concentrated beauty supplement formulated with a liquid complex of water-soluble silicon, biotin and hyaluronic acid, this hair vitamin may be what you've been looking for.
Girls with fine hair are not given many options. It's either live with the fineness or get a wig. In the quest for getting bigger hair (while those with thick hair make thinning appointments), here is another product girls with fine hair might want to try.
You can use double or triple methods to extend the life of your blow out or flat ironed hair and smell like a herbal dream while doing it.

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