Some of the best drugstore hair masks are just as good if not better than some salon and name brand hair masks. Your local drugstore is a treasure trove of deep conditioning goodness to treat whatever ails your natural hair from dryness, heat styled one too many times, color-treated needs to mature natural hair. If you are a little hard on your hair and need some deep treatment therapy, snatch up one of these hair masks for your hair. READ MORE

A concentrated beauty supplement formulated with a liquid complex of water-soluble silicon, biotin and hyaluronic acid, this hair vitamin may be what you've been looking for.
Girls with fine hair are not given many options. It's either live with the fineness or get a wig. In the quest for getting bigger hair (while those with thick hair make thinning appointments), here is another product girls with fine hair might want to try.
You can use double or triple methods to extend the life of your blow out or flat ironed hair and smell like a herbal dream while doing it.
This collection promises six times more manageability and double the curl definition - which is a lot of curl therapy. Though the smell alone may make you want to spend the day skipping through a floral garden.
This conditioner is mixture of a blend of antioxidant rich acai (ah-sigh-EE) berry extract, aloe vera juice and hydrolyzed keratin (the good keratin) which gives you smooth strands. A keratin treatment without the "keratin treatment." We can dig it.
Here's the thing that stood out the most about this duo -- the moisture was not greasy or silicone-y or overwhelming. The lotion was perfectly balance so much so that it went on so light but left our hair feeling so moisturized and silky.
This co-washing creme is so much of the business that we can't even express how much. You have to try it for yourself so that you can witness this difference in styling alone. If you hate how time consuming hair care can be but still want hair that's treated like gold, this just might be your new jam people.

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