We don’t test out a lot of transitioning products because so many “regluar” products can be used as “transitioners” but now that Miss Jessie’s has toted as their new cream as the ultimate styler for transitioning hair, we wanted to see if the claims rang true. I was told it was similar to a styler of theirs, Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls, and was encouraged to try it out for wash and go styling. Now, my hair is fully natural but Miss Jessie’s Transitioner’s Magic is marketed towards anyone who is looking for a great wash and go product. READ MORE

There are tons of products for your natural hair that you could buy at the drugstore but our favorite and most versatile is the leave-in conditioner. It can often be used as a leave-in, daily hair refresher and styler – the curly girl’s three-in-one. Some of the most popular choices are obvious, but with so many options to choose from, you may have missed some of the hidden gems. To start, we’re sharing our easiest to find, favorite light leave-in conditioners (for all curly hair types unless otherwise noted) all easily purchased at your neighborhood drug store. READ MORE

Though it has a beautiful gold sheen in the jar, it goes on clear. The shine that this pomade gives off is crazy pretty and the hold is so soft and moisturizing and truly non-greasy.
Picture that moment right after you finish fluffing your hair out into the perfect shape. Sometimes you wish you could keep your hair in that shape and size all day long, right? Well, this combo will help you do exactly that.
We tested this on our cuticles, legs, arms, hair and used it as a night time facial moisturizer for few weeks and it works amazingly well. It smells so divine and is quickly becoming one of our favorite oils
A leave-in, shine treatment and heat and UV protectant that instantly helps shield your hair color from fade-out while infusing nourishment and conditioning shine. We're loving this.
It's formulated with a nutrient rich blend of hydrating sea minerals and algae to wrap your hair in moisture and the sea kelp helps to take dry, crunchy and brittle curls straight into soft supple perfection.
A supremely smoothing jasmine-scented hair moisturizer that is perfect for those moments when your hair is out-of-control. Oh, and it gives you really sexy, vixen smelling hair. We are always here for that.

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