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Corinne’s Curls

02.14.10 | Hair | by Angel

can we please talk about how fab this chick’s hair is? can we please have this conversation, people? i know i cannot be the only natural who salivates at the site of her luscious curls!

corinne is the current reigning queen of the twist out – a hairstyle that is a must cop for naturals everywhere. her twists go in medium to large and come out overflowing, big and pretty. cock your head to the side just a little and her curls puts you in the mind of a much tamer diana ross hairstyle. more modern and less, vogue and 60′s-ish; not that there is anything wrong with the 60′s.

if you have 3c hair or a looser 4a curl, you can easily replicate corinne’s natural hair style with a twist out, being sure to use bigger twist sections as this is not tightly curled hair but not too loose either.

for those with kinkier 4a-4b hair, you will need to elongate the hair first to combat shrinkage, proceeding to then twist and then rolling your ends to get a consistent look throughout the strands of your hair. last but not least, if you want to rock it but you ain’t got it yet, you can always go the weave or wig route.

  • Frizzybobbedcutie

    I adore Miss Corrine but I would love to see her hair without a twist out sometime, you know?

  • JoRiah

    my sister and i just ADORE HER HAIR its beautiful and amazing and has truly grown since her first album. We’re natural and are going on our own personal hair journeys but we must admire Corinne’s hair and hope ours can be like hers one day

  • CurlyGirly

    I took this survey/quiz thingy online and it said my hair is a 3a. When I straighten it, it reaches almost to my elbows. I absolutely J’ADORE her hair!! What could I do to get my loosely curly/wavy hair like that???

  • FreshHeiress

    You are not “the only natural who salivates at the site of her luscious locs”. She was one inspiration for going natural. Her hair swag is off the chain. Thanks for the tips on how to acheive this style.

  • Naima

    I have always loved her hair. It’s grown a lot since her first album, it looks great!

    this is Severe Hair porn. lol

    Her hair is my goal.

  • Gabrielle

    I leeeerrrrve her hair and I can’t wait for your tutorial!
    Come on with it!!!


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