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What Causes Mid Shaft Split Ends And How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

by Angel


Q/ I hate cutting my hair and I've avoided doing so for the last few years. However, recently I've been noticing little hairs around the bathroom with I finger detangle. I know they are coming from my ends so I know I have to get a trim which is not a problem. I've been using a split end protector to help my ends. However, I'm also noticing longer hairs with no bulb and the top of the hair strand and where they are breaking it looks really thin like it was split. Is that even possible? My hair falls right above my waist and I don't want to loose my length. I'm doing lots of deep conditioners but nothing is working. What am I doing wrong?! - Nicki

A/ ouch. long broken hairs from split ends. yes, you read that right. what it sounds like has happened to you is a classic case of breakage cause by not properly taking care of your ends.

when we get first split ends, the hair is "contained" if you would, at the bottom of the hair strand temporarily. but what happens is if you never cut them and continue to use split end products that work to mend the hair strand temporarily or think that just by being gentle with your ends will save your hair, you end up making a big mistake. those products are great to have, but are only designed to be used until your next trim, so no more than a couple of months as to hold you over.

what happens more often than not is that because the hair shaft is now compromised with the hair strand being pulled apart, the split starts to travel up the shaft. this occurs because we manipulate the hair by combing, brushing and just living day to day and it's normal. if you had a split and never ever moved your hair, ever, then it would never travel. but that's unrealistic. because splits travel, this is why it's also suggested that you get hair trims twice a year just to maintain the integrity of your hair strands. if you have a lot of splits and don't take care of them, then your hair will begin to break off at the compromised points - the splits in the hair - wether that be at the end of the hair or unfortunately in this case, mid-shaft.

mid shaft split ends are the worst split ends because as their name implies they form in the middle of your hair shaft thereby compromising your hair's strength, durability and vibrancy. they can be caused by too much heat, not enough daily moisture balance in your hair, rough handling of your hair when it's dry or wet and chemicals.

if your hair is breaking from splits, i suggest you go see your stylist immediately. you'll need to have your situation evaluated by someone who can see your hair. i'm highly doubtfully that it's anything else by the way you are explaining your breakage but it could be caused by something else. you may have to get that hair cut you dread (which probably is not as bad as you think seeing as curly hair and layers go hand in hand) but think about it this way, you'd rather have shorter, healthy hair than long and busted hair any day. you hair will grow back, but keeping the growth you do have now will be an uphill battle if you don't get rid of your split ends.


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  • Ms.Amena

    I just love the title lol. advice is always on point. that is all :-)

  • Curly Queen

    It may be hard but let the ends go. I suffer from dry ends and I have length goals but I’d rather have healthy hair.

  • Black & Olive

    I have this problem all the time trim or no trim, I am just beginning to think it’s hereditary because my dad as the same problem and his hair is really short.
    I gave up lol I just make sure I am conditioning

  • Lynaya

    I get my trims every 3 months. Anything less than that and I have length but it’s damaged.

  • Shauneil Scott

    I have two years worth of natural hair on my head and I am not frustrated yet but kinda wishing it were long again. The thought of snipping my hair hasn’t crossed my mind yet but after reading this I might need to give myself a little dust trim. Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Airy

    She said the length of her hair is right above her waist, unless she’s a really really tall person, or if that’s a typo, waist length hair is very long already, just trim off what needs to be trimmed! Easy peasy lemon squeezy :)

  • chisom

    Ugh… I hate splits and I’ve even had strands that split in the middle of the hair and have a sealed end… it’s mind boggling. To tackle that, i keep a pair of scissors nearby so whenever I spot a split or a gnarly knot, I snip. This is completely unorthodox but it seems to work for me…

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