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“Ohhh, She Ratchet!”

by Angel

whether you absolutely love or loathe anything remotely “ratchet”, brace yourselves for the 2013 overkill of all things ratchet. first there was lady gaga on her ratchet grind with her thin, gold ratchet earrings and then your girl beyonce rocked them next which she proudly displayed on instagram for her beyhive stans and now, our girl melody ehsani has teamed up with miss KL and has brought gold door knocker ratchet earrings to the masses. hold your mules!

no moms of little ones, we are not talking about epic transformer of said name, we are talking attitude. if you’ve ever wanted to chanel your own duck-lipped, inner hood girl, here’s your chance. pop on these boos Melody Ehsani x Miss KL Exclusive Ratchet Earrings with a pair of your flyest shoes and handbag on your arm and you have yourself a little hood couture. if you are in doubt and not sure you want to jump on this bandwagon, then wait for the song at least. rumors are swirling that beyonce and gaga will be teaming up for a song called “ratchet” and if that’s true, then you may find yourself a fan of this urban lingo as you secretly bounce to ratchet lyrics while driving in your car.

either way, i have to admit that these Melody Ehsani x Miss KL Exclusive Ratchet Earrings are calling my name and yes, i’m actually contemplating if i will be buying them. but just the earrings, as i’m going to skip out on a gold grill and long nails to go with my “you ain’t got to lie craig!” attitude. the earrings are more than enough thank you. now, i just have to explain to my significant other why i’m walking around with the words “ratchet” hanging from my ears. maybe i’ll wear them while we watch friday so i can sneak them up on him. [manical laugh!]


  • esther

    :s Hmmm, this is definitely an acquired taste, lol!

  • Jesus-in-the-City

    My opinion:

    It is really sad that people who influence our society’s teens and children want to promote this disrespectful, ugly, aggressive behavior and call it “fashion.” These people have so many blessings in their life, and it is weird, to me, that they want to use it to glorify ungrateful, simple minded behavior that just reinforces negative stereotypes and doesn’t get people any closer toward peace, self-love, respect and love and respect for people other than themselves.

    We don’t watch or listen to these people in our household and I sincerely and hope fully pray that my daughter and son to be, learn from their parents to carry themselves with decency, love, honor, beauty and self respect putting their neighbor before themselves.

    I’m sure people buy these earrings, but no one I know will be one of them. Pray for these lost and misguided masses. No disrespect to anyone who buys them. Just be honest about what you are taking the time, money and energy to reflect into the world.


  • Ms.Amena


    I’ma let you younger gals have ALLLLL of that! And I do expect to see a pic LOL

  • LOLA

    lol that word ratchet has been thrown out here there and eveywhere and I recently learned what it means.
    I am not at all into the hood/street/tough style because that would give people one ome reason to turn me into a sterotype. The “hood-est” style I have liked was Ciara’s in the 2000′s(Than again, I was like 11). I do like to add some toughness to my style with a masculine accessory or leather accent but nothing “urban” for me. So I shall ignore these earrings.
    ps: It took me a while to recognize lady G. in that pic…I thought it was a dude lol

  • Arcadia

    What does ratchet mean? Is it a good thing to identify with this “name”?


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