We tested this on our cuticles, legs, arms, hair and used it as a night time facial moisturizer for few weeks and it works amazingly well. It smells so divine and is quickly becoming one of our favorite oils
Picture this. Your hair in a high bun and one or two of these pins strategically placed at the side or you could wear your curls out with just one comb tucked neatly off center of your face while holding your hair back from your eyes. Do you see it now?

“I was born to a very beautiful family. My father looked like a matinee idol; my mother was literally so beautiful that she would stop traffic. When I looked in the mirror, all I could think was that when I was born, God was on a lunch break. I didn’t look pretty, so I set out to be very good at what I did. I found self-esteem in other ways — I was a majorette, I sang in the choir, I played viola, I ended up being a very good student. It wouldn’t be until much later that I felt beautiful. READ MORE

You have to be able to make fun of yourself. We are constantly being judged based on our appearances and it's difficult not to take that criticism to heart. To get through the hard times, sometimes, you've just got to laugh.

Let’s face it. There are some women with amazing heads of beautiful and healthy curls. Their hair is always shiny and their curls and kinks constantly look plump and springy. There is not a strand on their head that looks dry or neglected. They are the masters of gorgeous hair. Do you wonder how they do it? Their secret is simple really. It’s all about their healthy hair habits day after day and year after year. If you’re interested in becoming that girl, here are seven essential habits of girls with gorgeous and healthy naturally curly hair that you can start implementing now to be on your want to enviable curls. READ MORE

A leave-in, shine treatment and heat and UV protectant that instantly helps shield your hair color from fade-out while infusing nourishment and conditioning shine. We're loving this.

We’ve done our share of fasts for a day, but it’s time to go back to where we once started and up our health and beauty game. It’s time for a daily dose of goodness each and every morning. Right about now, frozen kale, frozen banana, almond mylk, flax oil and chlorophyll never looked so good. READ MORE

It’s a perfect semi-matte red that works on all skin tones. It makes your face glow and your smile appears much brighter. You’re going to absolutely love, love, love this color if you are a red lipstick lover.

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