Here's the thing that stood out the most about this duo -- the moisture was not greasy or silicone-y or overwhelming. The lotion was perfectly balance so much so that it went on so light but left our hair feeling so moisturized and silky.

Blue eyeliner has become a very chic, polished and beautiful makeup statement. Because of its boldness in comparison to standard black liner, I like to challenge myself to come up with creative ideas for pulling off blue liner in a way that is not overwhelming (and in some cases even workplace friendly for those that find themselves that lucky). READ MORE

We are in love with this beautiful over-sized, peach bow Cameo Found Out Bustier. Add to that our adoration of the out-of-the-box styling over a simple, crisp white tee shirt and casual jeans and we’re even more in love. We can also easily see this top dressed up over white button down or just worn alone with a high waisted pair of pants or mindi skirt like this White Black Rose Print Pleated Skirt. Gah (!!!) it’s so freaking pretty don’t you think? READ MORE

"Ideally, natural is what I would have been my whole life. At a young age I had relaxers, heat damage and more. Three or four years ago I told myself that I was over it. I have been natural and healthy ever since."

What woman of color is a stranger to the #struggle that is finding the perfect shade of foundation? Being a makeup artist, I can recall off the top of my head which brands work best and have a vared array of tones and if I can’t find what I need for a client, I can usually mix up something really quickly. But I also realize that this is not practical for everyone. So when someone asks me what I recommend for foundation, one of my most common recommendations is always MAC Matchmaster Foundation. READ MORE

This co-washing creme is so much of the business that we can't even express how much. You have to try it for yourself so that you can witness this difference in styling alone. If you hate how time consuming hair care can be but still want hair that's treated like gold, this just might be your new jam people.
The L.A. Times has done the absolute most with their recent article on cornrows as they proceed to contribute their popularity to white women all while completely ignoring black women and black culture.

It’s reading season and we ain’t talking about library books. With all the madness that we’ve been witnessing lately as highlighted here and here, we thought it about time to wear our words on our chests just in case anybody was confused. This is a style lesson on how to warn someone they are about to be read to filth. READ MORE

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