For beauty’s sake. Listen, Mother Nature isn’t kind to many of us. I still consider myself a spring motherfreakin’ chicken, but gravity is doing its best to drag me down. So instead of surgery, I’m opting for this face mask.

At first glace, in the tube, blue lipstick is easily ignored. Easily labeled gothic or “for crazy millennial kids who still shop at Hot Topic.” It’s not something a girl who fancies her classic reds and pinks and perfectly hued nudes who normally fall for. But we think blue lipstick is one of the bad boys of lip color. Not a true gothic color like black and not exactly safe enough like purple hues, blue is unforgiving in its aesthetic and calls for attention unrelentingly which is why blue lipstick on dark skin is a must. Let us explain why. READ MORE

Shakespeare once said, “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs.” We like to say that love can be conveyed with smokey eyes. That might not be on William’s level of verbal expression, but hey, that quote couple with these beautiful photos of Nikia are close enough. Are we right or or we right? READ MORE

This is actually a much simpler fix than it seems. When your scalp starts to smell it means one of two things. The first and most common reason is that your scalp and your hair is...

There are few Instagram accounts that can make us spend Pinterest type time wandering down into the depths of images that go way back. We’re talking way, way back. Weeks and weeks and more back. Loza Maléombho’s account is one of those few. If you’re not familiar with the Abidjan-based designer and amazing creative behind her womenswear label that carries her namesake, we suggest that you take these next few minutes to hammer her name into your memory. And her creative selfies. And her clothes. And these bad ass sandals. Once you’re not distracted by her textile allure, return to her #AlienEdit series. Look at them and be inspired because, life. READ MORE

Yes, Valentine’s Day has come and gone but love is still in the air. I have to admit that Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year. Love is such a power thing when expressed in the right way. Love can be shown and exemplified in such creative ways and that’s what makes it so amazing. When you love what you do, or you love everything about life it will show in more ways the one. READ MORE

Here I am. I just opened a bottle of wine like I’m Olivia Pope after a long day at work. Candles lit. D’Angelo is playing in the background. The scene is set for a romantic night, but the only romance in the room consists of me filling out on an online dating profile.
Though the clinical trial was small, several test patients saw complete hair re-growth within five months of starting the new treatment. This new development could be life changing.

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