She's that boss. Having released the second album off of her new record label, "Saint Heron" is a 12-artist, compilation record with banging tracks from Jhene Aiko, Sampha, Cassie and Solo herself.

a good outfit can be hard to find…in your closet. the pieces are there but somehow, every morning it’s the same old routine. you have nothing to wear. that’s when it’s smart to go back to basics and pull out a trusty cardigan. nothing says all american like a heavy, braided, cable-weave cotton sweater. READ MORE

“I had a rough childhood. Because of that, for a long time, I didn’t want to walk or sweat. I walked a lot as a child. We didn’t have much but my mother was always trying to provide the best for us, and that include a good education. She didn’t want to send us to the schools around my neighborhood, so she sent us to a school ‘just a little’ far from home. That meant that we would have to walk. READ MORE

Edges. Oh how we love thee. Smooth edges can sometimes make or break a hairstyle and a girl needs a slick ‘do every now and again and we need the right tools to accomplish the task. We’re just saying.
In all of our haste to snatch up jeans and classic denim tops, Madwell really snuck these stilettos up on us. We are loving that sexy, low-cut vamp, the pointy toe and cobalt blue suede.
We’ve ben re-inspired by Erykah's nude lip à la 1999. With nude colors spanning the rage of “classic peach-based nude” all the way to chocolate-based tones, we’ve tracked down your best hue.

“I worked in accounting for less than a year and it was then that I realized that all of the money in the world could not make me happy if I hated my work. My first job out of college was at a marketing firm. And after being there for about a year I found myself always making excuses to ask the creative department questions about an invoice, credit card statement, expense report, or whatever. Whenever I stopped by everyone always seemed so happy. They were always smiling, looking at photos, and doing fun, creative things like producing T.V. commercials, hello! I don’t hate accounting or finance, but I thought, ‘If I am going to spend most of my day doing anything why not spend my time doing something I love?’ When I had that epiphany that is when I made it my mission to find my life’s passion. READ MORE

Women with naturally curly hair are ahead of the pack when it comes to caring for color treated hair. That’s because many products the “natural hair care” category are the most nourishing and least drying to hair in general which is über important when it comes to color treated hair. So if you’ve colored your natural hair, use your favorite all-natural (not semi natural) products to your hair’s content. Your color will hold well and your hair will thrive because of it. READ MORE

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