Roberta's music is classic, sophisticated and utterly romantic. A delicate mix of jazz, pop, r&b, and folk sounds, she was discovered at a D.C. nightclub while she was attending Howard University. This is Her-story
In her music, she challenges so-called gender norms in thought-provoking lyrics based on the intrinsic ideas of "normalcy" and binary gender roles. Her artistry brings race, gender and class issues to the forefront.
We really like the combination of moisturizing oils and silicones in this oil and think it makes for a great combination when you need your oils to go to work a bit harder for your hair.
Before there was “Creep” by TLC there was “(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right” by Millie Jackson. Her approach to sexuality and openness helped to give birth to the ability of today's female artists to be able to talk openly about coitus.
While perusing the land of Instagram, we came across these new snaps from the Barbs. We wonder, has she grown and have her thoughts on kinky natural hair - the same type of hair she seems to have - changed?

“I naturally wake up early. I fill up a big glass of water and update myself on the latest from my favorite magazines: InStyle, Harper’s Bazar, Lou Lou, which is a Canadian shopping mag, Lucky and RedBook. After about an hour of that, I workout for 45 minutes on the treadmill. After my workout, Theo, my husband, is usually awake. He asks me what I want for breakfast and proceeds to cook for us both while I have a quick shower. Theo always cooks and he’s awesome at it. And since he cooks, I eat whatever he wants to make. I’m not picky, I’m just thankful I don’t have to. I eat breakfast with my husband every morning. I have always carved out time in the morning to spend with my guy. READ MORE

UVA rays are always present and never fade in strength. Even though we may not see as much sun in the sky in the winter, her power is still looming in the space around us and she's still blasting at 100 percent.

Q/ I recently got a new job about six months ago. It’s high stress and I work 70 hours a week. Since I started at my firm, I’ve noticed my hair is thinning in the back. My mom told me this was from the stress and wants me to quit my job. Could this really be from stress?” – V READ MORE

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