To leave-in or not to leave-in, that is the question. The short answer is no. A leave-in conditioner has never meant the difference between life and lifeless-ness or measurable improved hair condition and here is why.
Acai is a dark purple superfruit that can do wonderful things for your natural hair, skin and nails. Because of the combination of omegas and aminos, magnesium, vitamins A, C, E and B, folic acid and zinc this little berry needs to be on your healthy body radar.
BB Cream for your legs...hmm. Actually, let's back that up, BB cream for girls darker than um, the color right before caramel; we were not so sure about that one. So we tried this lotion and what a surprise it was.

There are tons of products for your natural hair that you could buy at the drugstore but our favorite and most versatile is the leave-in conditioner. It can often be used as a leave-in, daily hair refresher and styler – the curly girl’s three-in-one. Some of the most popular choices are obvious, but with so many options to choose from, you may have missed some of the hidden gems. To start, we’re sharing our easiest to find, favorite light leave-in conditioners (for all curly hair types unless otherwise noted) all easily purchased at your neighborhood drug store. READ MORE

I hear the word perfect used frequently in the natural hair 'sphere. The perfect twist out, the perfect wash n go. These titles that lure women in and telling them how to achieve the "perfect" do. But why are we always chasing perfect hair?
This quick tip can help you to cut down on your shampoo time so that you can spend your day doing things you actually enjoy versus standing in the shower in shampoo hell.

We love Macy for a variety of reasons. One of them happens to be for her music (an obvious given but just in case we needed to clarify) and one of the many others includes her hair (!!) in addition to her handsomely feminine, raspy voice, eclectic taste, bluntness and her presence in Lackawanna Blues. We’ll get back to her hair – that amazing hair – in a bit while we take this moment to find a space to dance around our office to her new single “Bang Bang.” READ MORE

Nudes and flesh tones are anything but boring. They range from creamy porcelain to deep mochas. In all honesty, how one defines nude really depends on their complexion. For me that falls somewhere between an almond latte and a rosy desert sand depending on the season and how much sun I’ve gotten. Of course I’d like to think my skin is always golden beige, but that’s not always the truth. For this very reason, a girl can never have to many nude lipsticks and nail polishes. READ MORE

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