This is one of the best drugstore leave-in strays that we've tried in a long time. It leaves your hair soft very moisturized and smells great. The sent is very botanical and herbal with vanilla notes.
When we were teens the "thing" was black lined lips like Aaliyah. Now, it will be remixed versions of ghetto goth mixed with middle american teenage existentialism and tigers on gold leashes. Roar!

a few days ago, a friend of mine texted me to ask me about getting a weave. she’s had naturally curly hair for the last five years. before that, her story was like many other women with curly hair; she wore her hair relaxed and flat ironed bone straight and sometimes enhanced with extensions. she confessed to me in our conversation chat bubbles that she’s tired of her fro as well as the styles she wears her curls in so she wants something completely different and new. she wants a weave. i told her to go for it and to send pictures as soon as she got her hair done. a few hours later, one last ping brought me back into our conversation to see her delayed response, “i’m scared.” READ MORE

There is a saying that goes something like, "It's hard to be happy for someone else when you aren't happy with yourself." If this hits close to home, then it's time you take steps to find your happiness truth.

“I started sewing when I was probably 12. My aunt is a seamstress, she does bridal gowns. I was completely taken over by it and I would sit in there and I would watch her. Eventually I got my own machine and I started making all of my own clothes which was a trial and error kind of thing and it really wasn’t until my late 20’s that I decided that I was going to try to take it serious. I couldn’t afford Prada so I’d look at it and make my own Prada. I continued my road in sewing when I realized how many other young women found sewing interesting but they thought it was like an old person’s thing to do or crafty. So I took what I was doing and turned it into something fashionable, something that everyone could learn to do, and that is my main goal – teaching. I love to teach. READ MORE

even though the first day of spring will be here in exactly 10 days, that does not mean we are not still layering up. it’s cold outside and this week will be no exception despite sporadic days of 60 degree weather. when there is snow still on the ground, warmth measures should be taken despite the urge to walk outside in your cutest cami. this is where layering denim with a little fleece comes in as we celebrate the approach of spring. classic american with a twist. READ MORE

Lots of products will say they work on all hair textures, and that may be true, but we like to work off the best results producing products overall. These are the ones that give us the most beautiful buns every time.
Before she was famous for her "United Colors" red carpet dresses, her emotionally moving speech on her beautiful dark as night skin or her Oscar, she was a sexually assertive woman named Ayria in "Shuga."

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