You may be wondering where you're seen this little bottle before. It's the one always staring at you at Sephora, taunting you to buy it. You know, the one that's in the little bins right before you check out. It's time for you to stop ignoring all this goodness.

baby it’s cold outside! between bundling up in as many layers as possible and trying to stay warm, our makeup routines are taking a beating. it’s almost hard feel fresh faced when the sun is playing a tortuous game of peek-a-boo behind over-stuffed clouds full of condensation ready to drop down as snow at a moments notice. so we decided to bring to sun to us and you and share how to get glowing winter skin for that golden winter glow. READ MORE

We love her fuchsia, matte lipstick and how it pops against her white fur coat so we put on our beauty investigation hats and quickly came up with a list of matte lipsticks that are spot on for recreating this color.
After watching her video 50-11, times we figured out how to easily replicate this beautiful makeup. With the right products from the start, pulling this look together is much simpler than you'd imagine.
Her sound is distinctive but is strangely familiar at the same time. We like that listening to her records make us feel a sexy rush of 90s R&B nostalgia still relevant in her futuristic, eletroc-amped sound.

The Very Best Beauty Advice of 2013

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Before this year was over, Beyonce wanted women everywhere to know that we wake up #Flawless. This is one of those times that we can say, we hear you and we're way ahead of you Yonce. To continue celebrating women waking up and existing in their own beauty, we fully kicked off our "On Beauty" series, our original, inspirational series dedicated to beauty, self-love and self-awareness. With open hearts and in their own elements, beautiful women from around the world share in their own words what they mean when they crown themselves beautiful. Here is some of the best advice we heard this year.


Honestly, we'd forgotten we had even used this conditioner before. I'd been so long in fact, that we just could not remember if it worked or not so we slathered it on our heads again and finally had an answer to the mystery.

for most of us, glitter on our eyes is a no-no. just a mention of the idea and we start to envision scenes gone wrong from “Pour It Up” with us actually falling off of the ceiling. but glitter is not all that bad and there is no reason that glitter has to keep its intrinsic bad rap. glitter has gone from risque to glam and if a plethora of Thakoon Fall 2013 glitterbombed models – a look obviously inspired by makeup seen on the streets and just taken “high fashion” – does not tell us that, then we don’t know what does. READ MORE

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