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Dry and stripped after shampooing, even if we didn't know the so-called health risks, we realized that there is an inherent curl washing risk with sulfates. But back to the question at hand, are they bad for you. Here is what we found.
In case you forgot, the mushroom cut was big in the eighties and nineties. Some may see this cut on Erykah and think they are looking at a mullet but do not be confused. This is a mushroom.

Misty Copeland has made history. She has become the first African-American female principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre in New York. Misty’s rise to fame has been meteoric to say the least. Her life story and determination resonates with many–at least a few million of us as evident by her virally popular Under Armor ad professing her willfulness and to move past “no.” Her promotion to principal dancer as well as the lead for the Swan Queen is a huge step in the ballet world–one known to not be as accepting of body types that aren’t’ waif thin or simply white. READ MORE

Here comes the boom. When it comes to fly hair, Kenya knows how to bring it on. She is in the business of hair and is also a model and actress. So imagine our challenge of trying to impress a master of the triple threat. The question was (not so) simply: what could we do that would not only compliment her gorgeous skin, but also fit her electrifying personality? Our team deliberated for hours to find the right color combo and I think we nailed it. READ MORE

Vaginas are cool and a huge portion of the population has one. Whether you’re a vagina owner or know someone that is, there are some myths that need debunking.
It cleanses your face in one step. It does not burn or sting. It's gentle even on sensitive skin and it's super effective. Here is why micellar water might be your next holy grail.
"We live in a culture where people are constantly telling us how to get what we want, and within that message is, You need to be something other than you are. What if the goal is not to get what I want, but to discover who I am, be who I am, and accept that?"
Here are a few of our tricks for getting your straight hair to hold a curl so that you don't have to keep frying your hair every day with a curling iron.

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