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We want to help you make your butt look and feel awesome. Yes, we are talking skin care tips for your butt, and we're creating your ultimate guide to getting your softest, smoothest bottom ever.

Picture this. A makeup photo shoot day like any other day here at the office. Makeup is over flowing, our models–a beautiful mix of professionals and women who love to pose for the camera in their spare time–are munching on food and talking about the crazy things that are coming down their Instagram feeds at that moment. Music is blasting. Drake, Rhianna, Capital Cities. All the good music and all the fun everywhere is being had. It was a typical day. Little did we know that we were setting ourselves up for makeup amnesia. READ MORE

Ashy sunscreen be dammed. We've got your list of the best sunscreens for dark skin that blend and are effective on different skin types.

Enjolie came in to the hair studio with hopes of sunset inspired magentas and purples but left with a vibrant copper coral color melt that she loved just the same. This color works so well on her because it highlights her skin tone and in some ways, even makes her beautiful eyes even more noticeable. Her coral tips are so delicately subtle that until her hair is in a high pony or she throws her curls over her shoulders, you almost miss that they are there. READ MORE

In September of 2006, CBS News published an article lamenting the number of daily ad images that inundated us and an accompanying picture of a man with an index card affixed to his forehead reading “your ad here.” Though this photo was intended to suggest that literally every available space could and eventually would be an appropriate space for advertisers to display its messages, the image was intended as hyperbole. READ MORE

A “professional” blue. That was the challenge. Blue natural hair can be beautiful, but it’s not for the faint at heart and for those of us who walk the line of adventurous on the weekend and corporate during the week, it can be tricky to pull of. Many of us split our hair personalities during the week and can only do the fun stuff we want on the weekend (or on Tuesday when the club is going up…but we digress). We wanted to find a solution to that problem for the beautiful kinky curls Frankie rocks so effortlessly and we think we did just that with this deep aqua marine blue. READ MORE

When you actually need a really good blush from the drugstore, it can be harder to find than you’d imagine. There are a plethora of lipstick and foundation options for all skin tones and types to choose from, but a really good blush that’s worth the purchase? We’ll that’s a bit more of a challenge. Here’s what looks great on all skin tones and types and makes us go back for repeat purchases: READ MORE

It’s Dove’s first oil-based line specifically targeting naturally curly and coarse hair and promises to be their most nourishing range yet, infused with buriti oil and Omega 9.

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