If you’ve ever tried on Ruby Woo while perusing reds at a MAC counter, then you more than likely have been offered up her sister Lady Danger for testing as well. Lots of women (including ourselves) are die hards for ole Ruby but there is something about Lady Danger that most can’t deny makes her a great sister lipstick–just opposite and similar enough–one is a little more classic, sexy and retro and the other, a little more vibrant, kittenish and eclectic. A vivid bright coral red that wears like the sun on your lips, it’s hard not to wear this color on repeat. READ MORE

If you’ve been keeping up with us for the last couple of weeks, you may have thought we’d be winding down our Curls In Color series with one last article and then we’d be out by now. Actually, we’re just getting started. Now comes the best part–the transformations. Transformations that we hope will encourage and inspire you to step outside the box and color your natural hair. A diverse group of women, all with different natural hair textures, were up for the challenge and decided to allow us to give them natural hair makeovers. In collaboration with our editorial hairstylist Amena BelledeSoleil, and owner of Hair Polish Natural Hair Studio in Los Angeles, we picked the final hair colors based on what we felt would fit each woman’s personality and lifestyle best. Equipped with tubes of rich and beautiful Pravana hair color, beautiful and healthy heads of colored natural hair were made. In no particular order, this is our first Curls In Color story. READ MORE

You want to sleep but your brain has other plans. Chewing on grape flavored melatonin gummies may the the thing you body needs to get your sleep clock back on schedule.

The holiday weekend is officially over. You’ve overdosed on BBQ and little sleep. This morning and the rest of the week, things my not be looking so good for our under eye real estate. Or maybe by the time you’re reading this it’s the middle of the week, no holiday in sight, and you’re barely making it through a crazy hectic week/month/fill in the blank with life’s sleep stealing moments. Either way, you’ve found yourself here because of bags under your eyes. You woke up this morning like this (and absolutely nothing like that song talks about) and are now frantically searching the innanets for “bags under your eyes home remedies” and “bags under your eyes cream.” Slow down and breathe. We feel you. READ MORE

There are so many variables that can go wrong during this process that we strongly advise going at it alone. But if you insist, here are our expert colorist's commandments for how to bleach your hair at home.
Many people with blonde hair mistakenly think that purple shampoo and conditioner will make their hair blonder but this is a common misconception. Purple shampoo actually works like this...

One of the fastest ways to blow a stack of money is to invest in getting your hair colored at the salon only go to home and ruin it a few weeks or even days later. Yes, that can actually happen if you’re not careful. Despite what you may have heard, it’s pretty easy to ruin your color-treated hair. All you have to do is wash too soon and too often and become besties with the sun among a few other things to ruin your hair color and there is no bottle of product that can undo the damage once it’s done. To help you avoid throwing away your money, here are some easy tips for how to make your hair color last longer and keep your color vibrant. READ MORE

When it comes to preserving your hair color, there are a few really good brands to go above and beyond just moisturizing your hair and help to make your hair vibrant. Because if it ain't bright, it ain't right. We're #JustSaying

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