"It was just like, she’s on the cover of these magazines? I’d never seen anyone like me on the cover. You can affect and inspire people without knowing it. Your work is done and you have no idea. That’s really powerful so thank you for being that for me."

We’ve kinda been on a Nars high for the last few weeks and decided it was time to show some love for one of our first holy grail blushes — Nars Orgasm Blush. The pink finish of this blush is absolutely gorgeous and looks good on everyone. It goes on so smooth and the finish is as fine and soft as baby powder. The color pay off builds up with each swipe and because it works just as well subtle as it does bold, one or two swipes is all you need. It also wears all day long so you don’t have to worry about reapplying. This is absolute business on your cheeks and pleasure when you want it to be. It works for corporate girls, the girls that just want to have fun and everyone else in-between. READ MORE

You thought you’d have this healthy hair thing on lock by now, right? There are so many videos and tutorials and books that you can’t even keep up. But stepping back to look at the basic, simple reason you are not hitting your goals could the the answer to all of your hair woes. Here are five common hair problems and solutions to help you get your hair back on track. READ MORE

We waited impatiently and have now been served a beautifully done collection that's everything we dreamed. So far our favorite shoe is the Nicole - a pretty black and white stripe sandal with green hearts.
A collection of twelve beautifully written short stories that center around different perspectives and focus on not only life in Nigeria but America as well. The story lines are exceptionally written with authenticity and at times make you sad that they have come to an end.

“It’s not for me to decide [if someone can live with Eartha Kitt]. That’s for someone who decides to live with me to decide. Not for me. Compromise? What is compromising? Compromise for what? Compromising for what? Compromising for what reason? To compromise for what? To compromise? What is compromise? [laughs] Stupid. A man comes into my life and I have to compromise? You must think about that one again. READ MORE

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. To all the mean girls and boys who thought it was ok to talk sh*t about my body, this one's for you.

We love getting our makeup done. Though most of the time you’ll catch us bare faced most days of the week, all of us here like wearing makeup. Lately though, it seems that we’ve been noticing a trend in makeup tutorials. Nose contouring. If we had five dollars for every time we’ve run across an in-depth tutorial on YouTube we’d be rich. A little highlight and contouring here and there never hurt anyone, but when the conversation turns to “black nose jobs” or “fixing bridges” we couldn’t help but wonder if nose contouring is becoming the new gateway drug into something else that ran deeper than just wearing make up for fun. Nikia and Angel recently sat down to chat about it and here are their thoughts. READ MORE

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