Remind us again why anyone in their right mind wanted to have a juicy Jerri Curl again? There was so much Jerri Curl juice in this ad that we were sliding out of our seats just trying to watch this video.
If you have found that "going green" with your hair care seems a little challenging to you, no need to fret. Try our tried, true and simple green hair care tips you can start following today.

LA, like always it seems, is having a freakishly warm fall. Nevertheless, we like to remind ourselves that many of you still have to wear coats during the winter (while we’re at the beach) and it’s important to not forget that while we’re putting together our shopping looks. So with that, as we lounge around in flip flops and tee shirts, here is a warm, casual outfit to keep you looking cute this fall. READ MORE

We didn't realize that vinegar rinsing by any means necessary was giving people life this much. What's done is done, so let's break down what you really put in your head and how it will affect your natural hair.
After running across Helena Vee's results, we're excited to go all mud mouth. All you need are activated charcoal caps, a tooth brush and five minutes to get your teeth three to five shades lighter.

Fall and winter are perfect times of the year to have glowing skin. The problem most of us are faced with however is that the brutally cold weather and the beating our faces take from it normally lends to anything but glowing visages. But, the beauty of makeup is that we can glow even when it’s blistering outside. When done right, and with the right products, you too can pull off having a glowing face year round, even when there is a rainbow of fallen leaves or a blanket of snow on the ground. READ MORE

It’s time to start gearing up for holiday office parties and office parties thrown by offices that your friends work at that you tag along to as their plus one and holiday cocktail hours and just all around eating. It’s eating season and in between cardio sessions that we keep missing we must fit in parties and holiday outfits that make us look really good. READ MORE

How to wear purple lipstick. That was the challenge we found ourselves struggling with. Purple lipstick is no doubt beautiful, edgy and sexy but it can be hard to pull off. Where do you even go wearing purple lipstick? And a beautiful purple lipstick for darker skin tones (in this case we specifically mean ethnic skin)? That’s even harder to find…or was, because we found it in OCC “Rollergirl” Matte Lip Tar. READ MORE

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