I know this isn't something you normally hear from a model chick, but I've gained weight. Instead of trying to mask my curves, I've found jeans that accentuate what I've got and I celebrate it. I'm working what I got.

i’d wager to say that most of our grandmothers and mothers owned at least one red blush. my mother did. a woman like many other black women of the ill fated, orange-tinted, Fashion Fair generation, there was at least one vibrant, brownish-red blush compact that my mom absolutely loved and red latex sponge applicator floating around our house at any given moment. i loved to sniff her Fashion Fair makeup (i’m digressing but true heiresses to FF mothers know what i’m talking about). looking back, it was genuinely 80’s on my mom but she felt pretty in it and was pretty in it because with her radiant smile, it transformed on her face out of the compact. READ MORE

Her newest LP is classic Amel full of powerful emotion laced over beautiful, soulful, poetic, pitch perfect vocals. She harmonizes her way through this album like crazy making us remember why we miss her voice so much.
If you have not yet heard, there is a new beauty product on the market and it's being touted as a game changer for every head of hair everywhere. This new 1/4 ounce miracle is called Olaplex and it just may change how you color and style your hair

Okay, so we’ve kinda overdosed you on tee shirt outfits. This is our last how to dress around a tee-shirt piece for a while, we promise. We’ve just been holding on to the memories of summer for so long and letting our tee shirts go is going to be hard. So to cure our tee pains (see what we did there?) we wanted to show you how to transition your tees into fall all while getting money. #worklikeaboss READ MORE

When deciding to do a blue eyeliner look, it was clear from the start that I not only needed to show how beautiful this plays on black skin but how it stuns on all black skin tones. Our blackness is beautifully hued and varied; we are a people made up of a multitude of shades but so often it’s our darker skinned sisters who are left out of the conversations around makeup for black women. One of the beautiful things about darker black skin is that it makes an amazing canvas for makeup. Playing with color, light and contrast on dark skin is an art in the study of beauty itself. READ MORE

Here's the thing that stood out the most about this duo -- the moisture was not greasy or silicone-y or overwhelming. The lotion was perfectly balance so much so that it went on so light but left our hair feeling so moisturized and silky.

Blue eyeliner has become a very chic, polished and beautiful makeup statement. Because of its boldness in comparison to standard black liner, I like to challenge myself to come up with creative ideas for pulling off blue liner in a way that is not overwhelming (and in some cases even workplace friendly for those that find themselves that lucky). READ MORE

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