Pour out some for your favorite scrubbing beads face wash. Statewide bead bans are happening for beauty products including your toothpaste because fish are dying from them.
This is a really good moisturizer especially if you love glycerin. Because of that, it keeps your hair fluffy and soft. This is a cream that leaves your hair unbelievably soft no matter your hair texture.

Ever since many of us were little girls, we’ve imagined in vivid detail the day we will say “I do” to the man of our dreams. Many of the details have already been written into memory like a fairy tale. The flowing white gown made of beautiful satin or an elegant French lace, the cascading bouquet of perfectly arranged flowers and the towering, hand­crafted wedding cake. Some of us have even known exactly what engagement ring we wanted to wear as a Mrs. since we were teens. Those story lines have remained fairly certain for many of us. But over the years, the one detail that may have changed is how you would wear your hair. READ MORE

We don’t test out a lot of transitioning products because so many “regluar” products can be used as “transitioners” but now that Miss Jessie’s has toted as their new cream as the ultimate styler for transitioning hair, we wanted to see if the claims rang true. I was told it was similar to a styler of theirs, Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls, and was encouraged to try it out for wash and go styling. Now, my hair is fully natural but Miss Jessie’s Transitioner’s Magic is marketed towards anyone who is looking for a great wash and go product. READ MORE

We realize that the world is still ogling over Misty’s Under Armour ads, and though they are quite lovely, her latest interpretive dance video is all we can think about. In two beautiful minutes filled with empowerment vocals by Estelle, the NYC soloist and British vocalist completely fill our hearts. Misty Copeland is that stunningly powerful black ballerina that makes us stand on our tip toes and dance around in the mirror and gleam with pride. READ MORE

To leave-in or not to leave-in, that is the question. The short answer is no. A leave-in conditioner has never meant the difference between life and lifeless-ness or measurable improved hair condition and here is why.
Acai is a dark purple superfruit that can do wonderful things for your natural hair, skin and nails. Because of the combination of omegas and aminos, magnesium, vitamins A, C, E and B, folic acid and zinc this little berry needs to be on your healthy body radar.
BB Cream for your legs...hmm. Actually, let's back that up, BB cream for girls darker than um, the color right before caramel; we were not so sure about that one. So we tried this lotion and what a surprise it was.

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