We really like these little clothes for a few reasons as well - you can stick them anywhere since they are wrapped individually and they can be used as a supplement to your skin care regimen.
Staying healthy during the holidays can be tricky with so much temptation, but it can be done. And you don't have to only eat rice cakes. Here's how you can have a little sugar and good health too.

“give me hipsters or give me death!” a few years ago that would have been thongs or death, but now that i’m older, my love for panties has returned with a vengeance. listen, i can stand up straighter than an American Ballet Theater ballerina for eight hours in the baddest stilettos that secretly make me want to end it all at any moment and slide into the tightest jeans that make my ass look like a walking memorial all while calling for me to suck it in until my rib cage is about to buckle, but i cannot and will not do camel toe or suffer through any underwear that keeps my fingers in my butt. surely cannot. i happen to really like thongs but sometimes a girl needs a really pretty and comfortable pair of briefs. READ MORE

Is there such a thing a a white girl with black girl hair problems? Or is is a bad hair day just a bad hair day and has nothing to do with having "black girl" hair problems?
The first thing we thought of when this question came through was, what can we say to make it easier on you right now so that you can stop freaking out? Luckily, for you, "baby bangs" are actually in style thanks to Beyoncé.

Orange lipstick is universally flattering and looks good on year round. It especially looks great in the fall when mother natures’s warmly hued canvas provides a beautiful backdrop for your orange lipstick. While some women are packing away their orange lipsticks, we’re digging ours out. Orange is absolutely appropriate for the fall and anytime of the year for that matter but looks exceptionally pretty during the fall and winter because orange warms your face and gives you a glow-one that will really come in handy when mother nature’s backdrop goes from golden to snow white. Pairing orange lipstick with a swipe of warm blush in a brownish pink and a coat of mascara is all you need really to pull off the best orange lipstick for your skin tone and look amazing. READ MORE

Made from walnut-shell powder and apricots and right under five bucks, this is a holy grail, budget buy, beauty buy. The crushed walnut shells are gentle enough to leave your face feeling invigorated and looking polished.

All black everything can be nice, but sometimes it’s even nicer to mix things up. Throw on a black blazer and some amazing black boots and some black, wax jeans and a black bag and you’re on your way to mastering French chic. Throw in some color and you’re on your way to mastering French Chic meets New York fashion lover. Here’s to mixing things up. READ MORE

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