So you've been doing all the right things but your hair isn't healthier or longer. Here's how to tell if you need to undo some of the "good" you think you're doing and stop damaging your hair.
Escape from dry, chicken skin purgatory where you're constantly caught between the elusive edge of smooth skin and a forest of annoying skin plugs with these rich lotions that really work.
We know it's easy to pass up these little bottles of nail polish as a "cheap-checkout-line gimmick" but they are not. The price says cheap but this polish says, "Actually I'm chip-free and I last all week."

Ash·y (pronounced ˈaSHē/) is an adjective and is defined as “of or relating to ashes” by Merriam-Webster online. Ashy is more commonly known among black people and those with darker skin tones like Indians and Hispanics, for instance, as chalky-colored, dry, flaky skin. Ashiness is not cute. Avoiding ash at all costs is important because once it shows up, you’re already too late to the fight and getting rid of ash now becomes a covert mission (if you’re in public) that can include saliva, asking begging other people for lotion or using chap stick on your knuckles, knees, ankles and heels. This is not at all the business. Add to that skin conditions like sensitivity, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, irritant eczema, allergic eczema, and keratosis pilaris and you’ve really got a battle on your hands. Luckily, we are ash and itchy skin masters and know just what to do to deal with dry, flaky, “I’m a coal miner on the side” skin from your head to your toes. Here is our guide to the best the best lotions for dry skin during the winter or year round. READ MORE

When it comes to having supple, moisturized skin, you can't skip out on knowing about ceramides. We all have them and here's what you need to do for them to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.
The musical duo that’s composed of Jillian Hervey (Vanessa Williams’s daughter and the Lion Babe herself) and producer Lucas Goodman is delivering up some smoky, smooth sounds.

Technically it’s not bra season for many women which just means since it’s not summer it’s technically not “bra season.” We consider bra season to be year round. What’s the point in waiting for summer to revel in beautiful boob decorations? There can be something just as sexy about a lace bra under wool or cashmere or a polyester blend-whatever your speed-just as it is when the sun shines upon your chest on a summer afternoon giving a glimpse of the lace playing peek-a-boo through your sheer, soft-finish tee shirt. It’s all about how you feel in the bra-not the season you’re wearing it. READ MORE

"I think it’s huge that I’m wearing my natural hair texture on ABC in prime time. I’m very conscious of how I wear my hair on the show, and yet it’s the way I wear my hair as Tracee. You hire me, you hire my hair and you hire my ass. It’s all coming with me."

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