When I moved across the country a few years ago, my big sister gave me a two dollar bill. It was for good luck she said. She pulled it out of her purse and handed it to me over a table full of plates of Chinese food.

After avoiding it for nearly two years, I finally watched the documentary Dark Girls. I’d been putting it off because I didn’t want to get upset. I didn’t want to watch something that would only remind me of the strong impact colorism has had in my world. Even now when I type my own name into a Google search, the option “Nikia Phoenix race” appears. Wow! That’s something people actually look up. I know who I am. I know where I come from. Sure, my complexion may have you confused. Those freckles probably throw you for a loop. But my super kinky hair is an obvious indicator of my African roots. The subject of Black hair is another conversation that we’ll save for later. Let’s get back to skin. READ MORE

I wanted a new steam mop. I wanted some new shoes. I wanted some new skincare products. Decisions, decisions. What to do? Luckily, common sense prevailed and this is what happened.
As women, we tend to care about our underwear, even when it is not being shown. We have panties for every occasion. For the girl’s night out, landing a new job, or even running random errands. No matter the size of our collection, each panty plays a part in our life.
The underside of your nails need some loving too. In order to no longer neglect them as the reservoir for cheese from your next slice of pizza or left over hair conditioner we're all up on this new indulgence in manicures. #SeeYouOnTheFlipSide
A few months ago someone left mean comments about me on Instagram. That particular episode concerned my body. This new one concerns my face. Next thing I know, the photo was gone and the conversation was deleted. Guess what? It’s not over.
Keep a bottle in your purse to whip out when you need a little skin boost. It's more fun than a typical body lotion and gives you that glow that we all want in the summer. This beauty oil makes us feel a little sexy. Jergens and sexy? Imagine that!

There’s always going to be something going on with you or with someone you love. If you’re not distracted by your own problems, maybe you feel heavy with all the dysfunction in the world around you. Maybe you didn’t wash clothes this weekend and you have to wear your ugly bra or your uncomfortable panties today. Maybe you’re cutting back on sugar and caffeine and you feel like slapping someone. READ MORE

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