It sits perfectly over your chest without bunching around your armpits like some poorly made turtlenecks do. This is going to be your new favorite top for the spring and again in the fall. Trust us on this one.

“I was brought up in this part of Detroit that they used to call the ghetto. My father worked hard, but we were still very poor; and I didn’t want anybody arguing about money, so I became the entertainer – the one who wanted everyone to be happy. I didn’t want there to be any problems. My family called me a wiggle tail because I was a little skinny, wiry kid full of energy. Even though she had six kids, my mother really believed I could achieve whatever I set out to do. Maybe it was my vitality or something. READ MORE

How long was it before you could properly pronounce Louis Vuitton? Where you ever guilty of calling the iconic French brand by the très American moniker, Loo-is Vu-ton instead of saying Loo-ee Voo-tone? Come on, admit it. You may own a classic papillon that you treat with the upmost respect, but you can’t say the name of her birth parent for shit. We don’t judge you. READ MORE

"My job is to somehow make you curious enough or persuade you by hook or crook to get more aware of yourself and where you came from and what you are into and what is already there and just to bring it out."
A supremely smoothing jasmine-scented hair moisturizer that is perfect for those moments when your hair is out-of-control. Oh, and it gives you really sexy, vixen smelling hair. We are always here for that.
We're breaking down the steps for waking up looking beautiful. With a few simple nighttime tricks, you can absolutely wake up looking flawless and own it.
There is a little bit of a frenzy going on in the body wrap world so we had to test them out. And okay, so yes, these little herbal soaked body applicators do tone and tighten and firm in as little as 45 min.

Undeniably, the standout piece in our film, “SHE (Is Beautiful, Honest, Sexual, Loved, Liberated And Powerful)” was that red Calvin Klein Red Icon Lace Provocative Plunge Bra and matching thong. Released late last year for the Fall 2013 Calvin Klein Underwear Collection, Calvin Klein rounded up the brand’s most iconic, fundamental bras and organized them in a new classification system to streamline the process of finding the perfect silhouette and fit (we absolutely found it when we came across this amazing set for the wardrobe selection). For instance, Nikia (and Christy Turlington) rocked a “provocative plunge” bra. If you need a good full coverage bra for work and afternoon at the park with the kids, a demi for a night out or a plunge bra for dancing in a hallway with a vintage kimono (your own body party), the variety will give you all of the essential pieces you need. READ MORE

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