Just bear with us before you roll your eyes and yourself out of this article because we think we've found something that can help us rival the skin of Beyonce for only a few bucks.
If there's any time of year that you absolutely should be wearing red lipstick, that time is right now! Why not go for a dark red matte lip? It's as sweet as red velvet cake on your mouth.

Fresh off her very dope Puma collaboration, Solange is playing the face of French label ElevenParis for their new Spring/Summer campaign alongside Christopher David Owns of the band Girls. Whipping her natural hair and rocking that fresh blow out in mesh and sheer and abstract strokes of black and blue, as their new ambassador, she’s helping the brand to promote their ready-to-wear line to a larger international audience. READ MORE

Our moms and older sisters were right and now we're passing the word on to you. If you're looking for a moisturizing skin cream to add to your beauty routine you just might want to give Olay a try. It's not a classic American beauty staple for nothing.

What does it take to look this cool? Apparently three people. This makeup look was a collaborative effort. Nikia did her own lips, Angel did her eyes and Lindsey did her beautiful, glowing illuminator and cheeks. Something came up and Lindsey had to jet out so Nikia and I took it upon ourselves to finish her face. A very cool holiday party, I’m the fleekish chick on Christmas day look if we don’t say so ourselves. And it’s all thanks to that gold glitter eyeshadow pigment gracing Nikia’s eyes. READ MORE

In order to master "mixed race hair" you need to think about it differently: try to stop thinking of it hair as "mixed race" and instead think of it for what it is--curly hair. That's simply because there is no such thing as "mixed race hair."
So you've been doing all the right things but your hair isn't healthier or longer. Here's how to tell if you need to undo some of the "good" you think you're doing and stop damaging your hair.
Escape from dry, chicken skin purgatory where you're constantly caught between the elusive edge of smooth skin and a forest of annoying skin plugs with these rich lotions that really work.

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