With the rise of Instagram, came the oh so popular and sometimes hated “selfies.” A selfie is really a self portrait – taken normally with the front facing camera on one’s mobile device. I love taking pics of myself. I aways have. It comes from a place of not having many pictures taken of me as a baby. I thought my parents adopted me. I digress. READ MORE

Another night another cranky early morning. It’s hard to enjoy your day when you don’t sleep well. There is not enough quadruple shot Starbucks in the universe that can hold open your eyes when you don’t sleep restfully. #thestruggle. We were determined to prove that falling asleep fast and peacefully has to be easier than popping pills like valerian and melatonin and we did. Your resident insomniacs, workaholics and sometimes-we-go-to-late-night-weekday-parties girls are here with some our tried and true, pill-free methods of falling asleep fast and finally getting peaceful sleep in part one of this two part series. READ MORE

Could you live three places for a year - all for self-discovery to find "everything" you're missing in life? I've come to realize that I don't need to leave home to have my own "ah ha!" moment...my own self-revelation.
When it comes to being a badass woman, who better to teach us the ways of the rebellious than the two ultimate rebels with a cause, original badass redheads Thelma and Louise?

These influential shows of yesterday and today featuring black women, by black women, and for black women have influenced and in many ways represent black female culture. Get ready to dust off your DVDs and queue up your streaming video subscriptions to invoke the nostalgia of black female friendships, love and even a little bit of (friendly) warfare. READ MORE

Pour out some for your favorite scrubbing beads face wash. Statewide bead bans are happening for beauty products including your toothpaste because fish are dying from them.
This is a really good moisturizer especially if you love glycerin. Because of that, it keeps your hair fluffy and soft. This is a cream that leaves your hair unbelievably soft no matter your hair texture.

Ever since many of us were little girls, we’ve imagined in vivid detail the day we will say “I do” to the man of our dreams. Many of the details have already been written into memory like a fairy tale. The flowing white gown made of beautiful satin or an elegant French lace, the cascading bouquet of perfectly arranged flowers and the towering, hand­crafted wedding cake. Some of us have even known exactly what engagement ring we wanted to wear as a Mrs. since we were teens. Those story lines have remained fairly certain for many of us. But over the years, the one detail that may have changed is how you would wear your hair. READ MORE

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