It's formulated with a nutrient rich blend of hydrating sea minerals and algae to wrap your hair in moisture and the sea kelp helps to take dry, crunchy and brittle curls straight into soft supple perfection.
She has taken on the task of bringing something new to our ears. But she's no second rate spin off and we realized that when we hear her tracks. Those sweet melodies stick with you long after her record has finished spinning. We dare you to not hit repeat.

Once you’ve gotten over your fear of spending more than a couple of dollars on a makeup brush, you’ll soon realize that a good quality and a bit more expensive brush makes all the difference. Before a great powder blush we die for a great foundation brush. A high quality foundation brush can give you a smooth finish in a way that you would have never expected. READ MORE

Castile soap is multi purpose and when you use it correctly (read: dilute) you can wash your hair with it. Here is my old personal mix that leaves your hair shiny, soft and clean.
Since we premiered "SHE", we always find ourselves coming back to that hallway scene. It's beautiful no doubt, but because we are also women that don't take ourselves too seriously, we can find both the beauty and the fun in the work that we do.
This is honestly one of those colors that if you're not careful, you'll miss but if you want a blue with a much warmer and sophisticated feel then this is the one for you.
It sits perfectly over your chest without bunching around your armpits like some poorly made turtlenecks do. This is going to be your new favorite top for the spring and again in the fall. Trust us on this one.

“I was brought up in this part of Detroit that they used to call the ghetto. My father worked hard, but we were still very poor; and I didn’t want anybody arguing about money, so I became the entertainer – the one who wanted everyone to be happy. I didn’t want there to be any problems. My family called me a wiggle tail because I was a little skinny, wiry kid full of energy. Even though she had six kids, my mother really believed I could achieve whatever I set out to do. Maybe it was my vitality or something. READ MORE

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