Trying to evoke a conversation around consumerism we can applaud but trying to do so while using treads of the African diaspora to sew your flag we call bullshit on.
Picture that moment right after you finish fluffing your hair out into the perfect shape. Sometimes you wish you could keep your hair in that shape and size all day long, right? Well, this combo will help you do exactly that.

Nights over start sporadically here and there and before you know it, you have a stash of stuff at their place. Are we right or are we right? But, there will always come that time when you didn’t plan to stay over or pack enough or what you have there doesn’t work and the next morning they are insisting on brunch! So you can go commando after your shower and throw on one of his old tee shirts and re-wear your jeans, but what’s a girl to do about the other essentials like smell good et. al? We’ve got you. Here are four of our favorite beauty products to buy for your significant other that are really for yourself when you are in a pinch (or not). READ MORE

For those moments when you are unapologetically duck-faced in the airport bathroom or dancing like a raging bull to a Wale banger in the club, there is a tee shirt for that.
We tested this on our cuticles, legs, arms, hair and used it as a night time facial moisturizer for few weeks and it works amazingly well. It smells so divine and is quickly becoming one of our favorite oils
Picture this. Your hair in a high bun and one or two of these pins strategically placed at the side or you could wear your curls out with just one comb tucked neatly off center of your face while holding your hair back from your eyes. Do you see it now?

“I was born to a very beautiful family. My father looked like a matinee idol; my mother was literally so beautiful that she would stop traffic. When I looked in the mirror, all I could think was that when I was born, God was on a lunch break. I didn’t look pretty, so I set out to be very good at what I did. I found self-esteem in other ways — I was a majorette, I sang in the choir, I played viola, I ended up being a very good student. It wouldn’t be until much later that I felt beautiful. READ MORE

You have to be able to make fun of yourself. We are constantly being judged based on our appearances and it's difficult not to take that criticism to heart. To get through the hard times, sometimes, you've just got to laugh.

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