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by Angel


"The simplest way to describe my hair is very tightly coiled - more curly than kinky and I absolutely love it! I decided to go natural because I wanted more versatility with my hair. I transitioned for about 8-9 months, big chopped, and haven't looked back since. It will be four years in August.

My staple products are shea butter, water, aloe vera gel, Giovanni Direct Leave-In and Shea Moisture. I use them once a week on wash day or as needed throughout the week. I found that my natural hair doesn't need a large variety of products in order to thrive. Keeping it simple also helps to keep money in my pocket.

Since November 2011, I've had my sides shaved. Initially, I wanted a change of look. However, as of late I have kept them cut because a family member is battling with cancer. When she starts growing her hair, I will, too...maybe. I particularly love headbands and scarves, but my favorite accessory of all time is indeed the bobby pin. Best. Invention. Ever.

My style is ever changing so my hair would have to match, right? I rock twists, braids, 'fros, straight hair, wash 'n gos, straight hair, and anything else you can imagine. For all of my styles, including when I decided to shave my sides, and trims, I do them myself. I only go to the salon when I need a color touch-up/switch-up, or a major cut.

My skin is oily and I am prone to breakouts. I use African Black Soap as my cleanser on my face a body and follow up with witch hazel as a toner for my face. To lock in the moisture, I use a small drop of Jojoba oil. When I need to exfoliate, I use a homemade brown sugar scrub. It is excellent and smells amazing!

I love lipstick. My favorite one at the moment is CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Embrace 335. It's a deep fuchsia/purple that is extra bold and exciting. I always receive compliments whenever I wear it. If I had to choose between a red and pink lip, I would have to go with red. It's classic, assertive and looks damn good. In my purse, I will always have concealer, bronzer, mascara, an eye pencil, EOS lip balm and a million lip colors. With all those lip colors, I don't have to carry eyeshadow or blush since I can use the lip colors as shadow or blush colors.

All of my pieces in my closet describe me, but my printed pieces describe me the most. I am a true print girl and love mixing patterns. They are bold and command attention much like myself. Also, classic pieces with quality. I have held on to pieces from the beginning of college just because they are still relevant now. Classic never goes out of style, so make sure to invest in quality, and multiples, when snagging those types of pieces. And...heels give you a different perspective on life - kinda like a "one up" on the rest of the world that is walking around in flats. They also make you legs look amazing!

As I mature, I want my style to remain fresh. Eventually, it will be a more polished/refined "adult" look, but I never want to lose my edge. I am mastering how to use my closet to its fullest potential, so my shopping can decrease, but my style will remain fresh.

I want my natural hair to inspire others to embrace their curls, kinks and coils. There is no limitation to what you can do when styling natural hair. If you are thinking about going natural, my best advice to you would be to ask yourself why you want to go natural. Be completely honest with yourself. If you are going natural just because you want your curls to look like Traci Ellis Ross or Corinne Bailey Rae, and your hair texture is like mine, you have unrealistic expectations and may be setting yourself up for relaxer relapse due to frustration and a lack of patience and understanding. "Going natural" is not just a hair journey, but a time of self acceptance, it's a life journey. If you are comfortable with who you are or are willing to embark on a journey of self discovery, going natural should strongly be considered.

Never be afraid to make a future for yourself. You are the only person who can live your life, so why not live it up and make it the best life you’ve ever experienced? Don’t let people, places, or things hold you back from receiving what is yours in life, what you know you should have, and where you know you can be. What God has for you is for you and we know that we can do ALL things through Him. Trust in Him, believe in His word, and obey His calling. Love hard. Laugh often. Live daily." - Phylicia

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  • Samantha

    Nice!!! I love all of her looks. I have locks now for 8 yrs and I do want to sport the afo/loose hair – in which I never experience. But I will give it a big chop on my 10th yr anniversary.

  • Jaharha

    That bow is giving me life right now

  • keisha

    beautiful! cool style!

  • http://Www.Steelfeatherlaceelephant.Com pRoy

    Thank you, everyone, for takin the time tk read the interview and for the kind words! Thanks again, kisforkinky, for granting me the opportunity! I truly admire this site and the information that it has to offer … It’s so refreshing to read! Be blessed!!

  • Shannon

    You’re so awesome PRoy!!!

  • Tiffany J

    Yay! Phylicia! i love to read your blogs and see how you have grown since i first met you. You are an inspiration to me, my sister and your niece. You give me hope when it comes to love and plenty of fashion, make up and hair ideas. Keep it up!


  • bluethenaturalmami

    Love all her hairstyles and her philosophy on life is on point!

  • Shortterm

    Thank you for sharing your style I can relate to you very well. I also was never really a lip girl more of a eyeshadow girl, because I could not get a good lip color to stick and I always would have to keep reapplying. Good to know lipstick has its place…I might look into that covergirl brand you mentioned…I also wanted to do bows but my job put up a dress code so I have to rock those on the weekends…

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