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by Angel

a seamless and effortless mixture of hiphop, caribbean and african sounds comes from santigold’s music which is nothing new as many artists have used these beats to hype up their songs. the significant difference lies in the way that santigold’s songs, lyrics and melodies are laid over the global backdrop is far from a one off, summer-time hit. she really takes the time to fold in the sounds of the culture she pulls from so that you feel that her sampling is not just for entertainment purposes only.

this philly-born, pop and hip-hop hybrid singer and writer is a master of her domain. if you like gwen stefani, missy elliot and the sugarcubes or múm then you are going to love santigold. her single, “Desperate Youth”, off of her 2012 album, “Master Of My Make-believe” is a absolute banger, a true classic and one for the books. even the video kills it and watching her chilax her way on a speed boat down a river makes you ask, “why isn’t this chick my bff?!”

i hopped on the santigold train late and had to kick myself for being so out of the loop. with musical talent that spans deep into rap, she even worked with wu tang clan, her reach is a diverse as her sound. beyonce and jay z frequent her stage performances and she kills it with mardi gras-styled choreographs with gyrating dancers, over-sized stage props and deep bass tones that keep you on you toes wating for the next hook to keep you dancing.

one for the must have list, definitely pick up santigold’s album to treat yourself to something that we’ve often lay in wait for, a sound that is as diverse and unique but equally genuine and and a female artist that sells with talent and not with sex.

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  • Dual-Action

    I love her new album. ‘Freak like Me’ is a party in the pants track :)

  • Tiffany

    I fell in love with Santigold when I saw her converse commercial with Pharrell. Instantly had to know “whos that chick” and fell in love with her music. most definitely underrated.

  • Jenn

    Finally some love for Santigold! I adored her first album, “Santogold” and have been sold ever since. Such a talented and underrated artist. More folks should know about her!

  • Miss Foodie Fash

    I absolutely love Santigold. I was up on her wayyy before the name change. She will always be Santogold to me. Her first album kicks ass. SN: If you like her, you will love Res. She co-wrote Res’s first album and it’s straight bananas!

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