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Caruso Steam Roller Set How To

by Angel

it’s peace and love hair. big fluffy curls reminiscent of 1970’s, fitted bell bottoms and “i look sexy” as i chain smoke because we don’t yet know that cigarettes are bad. getting this hair when you have curls often seems to be more realistic in theory than in practice. however, when you take curls and let them dance with a few caruso rollers, you have something pretty groovy on your hands.

i’d been contemplating ordering a caruso roller hairsetter because i wanted to try steamed curls on my own hair for the holidays so i went ahead and ordered a set today. of course, as luck would have it, i run across this lovely picture of taren on instagram and i realized that my purchase was not in vain. i don’t remember the last time i had big, fat curls like the ones taren is rocking but they are definitely beautiful enough for me to go ahead and order my own set. i like the idea of setting my hair with steam now that i’ve discovered ways to use steam on my hair without reversion. yes, there are frizz angels.

steam plus curly hair equals frizz, right? not so much when you use the right products and the first thing that jumped out at me when thinking about how to create my own steamed curls was starting with living proof, the awesome m.i.t. created line that stops frizz absolutely and completely. my plan is as follows: wash and condition my hair with living proof no frizz shampoo and conditioner. follow that up with a little bit of living proof no frizz nourishing style cream then set my hair on the caruso rollers. because my hair is kinky and not as curly as taren’s, reversion from the steam of the rollers would surely take place and i’d be left with curly, crinkly hair with roots that don’t stand a chance.

i’m geared up to try these little red rollers to see if they deliver on my hair and can give me that 70’s sex appeal and i think with a little living proof and a little patience, i can surely get there. the professional set that i purchased with 30 rollers was less than $40. now only if my package would hurry up and get here. this is surely to be continued…

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  • Ms. Amena

    hhhmmmmm….something to add to the style box:-)

  • Toni

    Gorgeous! Moptopmaven used to do steamed curls too! But I never got the courage to buy any. Hopefully you share your results! :-)

  • Mahoganycoilsandcurls

    I love my caurso curlers. I saw it used on Ninapruitts channel and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • giggles

    Simply gorgeous!

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