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Once you get your braids or twists installed you must keep them looking hawt! To keep the frizzies at bay and to keep your extensions in tip-top shape, follow these easy steps to keep your ‘do looking as new and smooth as possible until your next hair styling session. READ MORE

Did you know that braiders who work in salons are legally required to have a cosmetology license? The most significant thing this demonstrates is their training in safety, disinfection and sanitation when handling hair and tools to prevent the spread of disease, fungus and bacteria from client to client. Many braiders who work in braid shops are not licensed to braid hair. Our hair is very precious to us, so entrusting it to just anyone simply won’t do. To help curtail any possible hair horror stories, I’ve compiled a list of tips on how to find a good hair braider. READ MORE

So you’ve got the long braids you’ve wanted for a while now, you’re on your way with a healthy care and moisturizing routine and after wearing them down you may have found yourself stuck in a rut with wondering how to style them and add a different flair. I rounded up some cute styling videos that will inspire you to try something new. You’ll need to be a tad creative to figure out how to do some of these but most can be done by the styling novice. READ MORE

Many naturals and relaxed women love extensions. From braids to twists, there are many options available if you decide to go the extensions route. Extensions add variety to hair styles and when worn properly, can give your hair a break from daily manipulation. READ MORE

Zizzi Blue

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"As much as I love the "natural hair movement", I don't look at it as a major thing. There should be nothing revolutionary about allowing your hair to stay the same way it grows out of your head."


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