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How To Not Be Ashy

by Angel


i remember the first time i tried to explain what ashy meant to my best friend in 6th grade. she was white and at the time, she could not understand why the black girls always had vaseline jars or lotion bottles in their book bags. i also remember the conversation took longer than i expected. it was the first time that i realized that being ashy was not something that everyone avoided like the plague. as we grew up, we both learned that everyone is ashy, it just so happened that her beautiful, porcelain white skin was like camouflage to her ash in contrast to my brown skin which was like a neon sign for one speck of ashiness.

i was recently asked what are my top three moisturizers. what a hard question! that's like asking me what's my favorite character on The Walking Dead or in Steele Magnolias. i love them all! but the person asking was looking for an answer as she was tired of dry hands, cracked feet and plain old winter overwelmhingness and she only wanted three. ahhh, no pressure. so i sat and i thought and i painstakingly came up with this list of the best lotions for extremely dry skin. it's winter, atlanta basically shut down with two inches of show and people were sleeping in their cars on the highway, its like negative 500 in the midwest and yesterday it was in the 60s in los angeles (i actually had to wear a sweater) so i realize there is a lot of ashy going around and any way i can be of assistance is always important.

a few years ago, i shared a secret with you guys. this little bottle of lotion. someone had asked me how to get a smoother butt. no one wants to talk about these things, but trust me, there is an art to a smooth butt that's grip worthy and in addition to squats it's this lotion. it knocks out dry skin, smooths out stretch marks and makes your skin so soft. it's a 12% lactic acid, pH-balanced lotion that gently exfoliates your skin. so basically you put this on and it's like gentle microdermabrasion on your a$$ all day long. shoe shopping = microdermabrasion. sitting at your desk working = microdermabrasion. brushing your teeth = microdermabrasion. filing your taxes = microdermabrasion. you feel me?

AmLactin Moisturizing Body Lotion is great as an all over body lotion but that price is a little steep (even though you should still be buying this right now) so after using it for years, i figured out it works best on your butt, elbows, lower back (that gets ashy too) and feet. using it this way gives you about two and a half to three months worth of lotion which means you get more bang for your buck. seriously though, if you don't buy anything else from this list, buy this, use it and thank me later. oh and the AmLactin Ultra Triple Action Alpha Hydroxy Acid Hydrating Body Cream is equally the business.

i love my jar of Nivea Creme and here's why. it's so much the truth for all over your body but especially for your hands, legs, arms, elbows and feet. because of the super affordable price point, this is my daily go to cream that i use right out of the shower. it has outlasted so many others i've used. the dry skin between my fingers and toes, on my heels, knees and elbows don't stand a chance. it's so thick that you really have to rub this in and a it only takes such a small amount that a jar lasts me about six months. the first few ingredients are water, mineral oil, petrolatum, glycerin, microcrystalline wax, lanolin alcohol, beeswax and panthenol. all heavy, thick, moisture sealing ingredients. yes, yes, yes, and more yes. with continued use, your skin will start to turn into butter. and yes, the Nivea Extended Moisture Body Creme works just as well.

i'd planned on reviewing this cream a few months ago but it slipped my mind. i still plan to do a full review soon because this cream is like a dream in a jar. we don't do paid product review specifically because of products like this. when we love something we love it and it's hard to feel unbiased even if it's the truth when we share something we love with our normal excitement.

i've been using Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream for a couple of years now and i really don't think i can live without it. with nothing artificial or any chemicals, this is going to be your face cream and like the name implies it really is all purpose. it's a powerful day cream, night cream, under eye cream and lip balm and it works for eczema (a couple of friends said they haven't seen any eczema patches since using this), on babies for cradle cap, and other dry skin issues. it fades and brightens dark circles, fades age spots and acne scars, helps to inhibit pimples and gives you smooth, kissable lips, soft hands and feet. i'm talking glowing skin, people. if Beyonce is waking up Flawless, then i know she's using this.

the ingredients list is short but mighty powerful - olive oil, beeswax, honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract. i want to point out what makes this cream so special - take note of the pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract. royal jelly is a milky secretion produced by worker honey bees and it's the only thing the queen bee eats. the queen can live for up to seven years while worker typically bees die around four months. the queen starts off just like the other bees in her colony but because of her diet she gets transformed into the queen. her diet is the only thing that sets her apart from the other bees. worker bees eat royal jelly when they hatch but then move on to a diet of pollen and honey until they die. this little tidbit alone tells you there is something special at work here. if you want to learn more, watch this holistic information video. propolis is currently being studied for its anti-cancer properties and in 2006 in a team of Bulgarian researchers found that a propolis inhibits bacteria associated with acne.

the jar is small but you only need a little and by using it on targeted areas like my face and hands, my latest jar has lasted almost a year. the formulation is more like a salve versus a cream but no matter what you call it, Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream works and since we are all queens, we should all be using this.

Faith Deggins Styled and Photographed by me.




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