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To The Left. To The Left.

by Angel


if you are a curly girl who loves bangs but hates to deal with the dilemma of having to figure out exactly what side to part your hair on, well you're in luck! yes, we know, you're already a lucky girl because you read K is for Kinky, but now we have the answers to your parting problems. or i guess i shouldn't say we, as i'm just the messenger.

it seems that there is a finite answer to that grueling question of exactly what side you should part your hair on is your best angle. the right or the left? straight down the middle? 3/4 ways from the middle of your nose? this question is so important that there was a study, albeit a small one, done to find the answer, and don't go acting like you don't have a head and face angle you like to use in pictures. no need to get brand new on us, we all do it.

according to a new psych study from wake forest university, everyone's best side is their left side. so that's suffice to say your right side is a little jealous right now.

no, really. their study found that people showed a strong preference for the left cheek, and now that you know that, you can part your hair on the right, swoosing your hair over to the left to bring more attention to that side of your face.

dr. james schirillo and co-author kelsey blackburn conducted the experiment by taking photos of 10 male and female faces and then casted them in gray-scale. schirillo and blackburn then used those pictures to create a set of mirrored images in which the face was flipped and the right appeared as the left.

37 male and female college students rated the faces and the answer was clear - whether the image was flipped or not, the left side always won. and get this, their pupils even swelled when they studied the left side of a face and shrunk when they looked at the right. want to read more, then check out their work online in springer's journal, experimental brain research.

according to the researchers, the attraction to the left side of the face is probably due to the fact that the left cheeks usually display "a greater intensity of emotion." that makes sense seeing as the left side of the face is controlled by the right side of the brain, which controls feelings.

i'll go ahead and confess, i love my left side, it's my best side for photographs. i learned this early in life (circa 90's middle school years) and have stuck with it. whenever i try to part my hair on the left side or take pictures from the right, i like those looks the least. left might not be for everyone but everyone should still know their best angle.


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  • Lola

    I agree but I part my hair to the right, so that none of my hair covers the left side of my face. Makes for better pictures. x

  • Kiara

    I always do my side part on the left.

  • Frizzybobbedcutie

    I spent like 10 minutes in the bathroom mirror before i read this trying to figure out what side should be parted. I adore my right side which i dubbed ‘the cute side’ lol and the left side, shows my square hairline more and makes me look more serious and maybe a couple years older..

  • Nika

    This is soooo strange because a couple months ago it mad news that the right side was the best side. There was also a huge study that stated that our right sides were seen as friendlier among other things. They created 2 versions of the face, one with a mirror image of the right side and one with a mirror image of the left side. The left side was unrecognizable and the right side looked more lie us to others. It was said that people look more at our right side more than the left. Odd that 2 studeies found the exact opposite results.

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